Advanced Email Automation Software - Email2DB

Xerox Improves Customer Support with Email Automation - Xerox Corporation the leading global enterprise for business process and document management, improves its support tracking and fault resolution using Email2DB advanced email automation software to deliver enhanced customer service.

Xerox Corporation the leading global enterprise for business process and document management has taken a significant step in improving its support tracking and fault resolution with the implementation of Email2DB advanced email automation software.

Advanced Email Automation Software - Email2DB

With clients that include global leaders like The Dow Chemical Company, Fiat Group, Ingersoll Rand, and Procter & Gamble customer support for Xerox has always been critical to the companies success, the product support division of Xerox manage and maintain the essential processes that these businesses count on to be successful.

Prior to the implementation of Email2DB, Xerox product support division standard support process relied heavily on technicians following up customer support tickets with calls. Whilst this method provided Xerox clients with good customer service, the practice of having technicians follow up on ticket status was not only time consuming but also had a significant impact on operating costs.

With a global customer base including clients such as NASA, Microsoft, Avaya, Carrefour, Ericsson and SAP, Email2DB offered the proven software solution, expertise and support Xerox were seeking in a strategic partner to help further improve their support process.

Utilising Email2DB, Xerox re-engineered their existing manual support processes and automated a number of support and customer responses to support requests received. Initially a support checklist is sent to the customer, Email2Db then sends an automated response to identify if the checklist has resolved the problem, not only does it do this but it also interrogates the email reply from the customer. An email reply containing ‘YES’ triggers Email2DB to identify the specific ticket number and automatically change the status of the record to ‘CLOSED’. If the customer replies to the email with ‘NO’ Email2DB updates the issue record and the agent continues the standard support procedures to resolve the problem.
As a direct result of the implementation of Email2Db and the automated responses and the ability for Email2Db to update the support database, Xerox have achieved considerable time savings which in turn has led to support tickets being resolved more quickly.

Xerox are now looking at other areas of the business where Email2Db can have an impact, such as the processing of web-forms, the creation of new work orders, updating purchase records, matching serial numbers with account records and more. [Video] [Source]

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