Protect iPad 2 With New Stylish GreatShield iSlide Case

GreatShield Announces New Case -- Protect iPad 2 With New Stylish GreatShield iSlide Case - The GreatShield Premium Quality cover is simple to install, only take seconds. All to do is slide the 2 pieces onto the device and all set! The casing is light-weight, strong, and durable

GreatShield introduces the iSlide case for people who use their iPad 2 everywhere they go and want great protection. This ultra slim case is made from poly-carbonate material that provides superior protection from any bumps and scratches. The micro-fiber guardrail on the inside of the iSlide provides shock and scratch absorption so the iPad 2 is secure. Perfect for anyone on the run! A silky, satin finish gives the iSlide a classy look that will turn heads wherever it goes.

Protect iPad 2 With New Stylish GreatShield iSlide Case

People who are busy and moving fast will want to charge their iPad 2 to be sure it’s ready for that all important meeting. The iSlide has easy access to plug in the charger with out removing the case. When it’s time to sync all that valuable information, simply slide off the bottom portion of the iSlide and start syncing away. No removing the entire case to get everything done that is needed.

All of the ports are open and ready to use. Taking pictures is a snap as well as listening to your favorite music. The iSlide comes in four appealing colors: Black, Red, Magenta and White

For more information about GreatShield iSlide cases or to view its products, visit [Source]

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