Free Online Protection from Hackers for You Personally - PrivateSky

Finally, Free Personal Online Protection from Hackers - PrivateSky enables you to uniquely encrypt (AES 128 bit) any text you post on the web for anyone, with a single click. With a single click, it decrypts any encrypted text, called a PrivateSky Package, as long as it was uniquely encrypted for you.

Free Online Protection from Hackers for You Personally - PrivateSky

Every week we seem to be reading about another global business giant being the victim of online security breaches. Millions of Sony accounts were targeted, the IMF has fallen foul of hackers and even Google hasn’t escaped the attack. So where does this leave your average man on the street? If three of the biggest online businesses in the world can’t keep the hackers out, how can we?

Well today internet security expert CertiVox is set to revolutionise secure online information exchange with the launch of its free PrivateSky service – and change the way average Joe protects his online information forever.

Currently available for PC users, PrivateSky, the new personal information security solution from CertiVox, will give its users complete peace of mind by allowing them to quickly and easily secure their web-based messaging – including Google Mail, Hotmail and Facebook among others.

Despite a flurry of online announcements, urging users to ensure all URL addresses they are using start with ‘HTTPS’, this doesn’t help to secure personal data that is maliciously compromised because of lax security at an online services provider, or when your personal webmail or social network account is compromised.

With the PrivateSky Connector installed, anything typed into any web page text entry box – including all blog posts, social networking comments, forum entries, web-based email and more – can be uniquely encrypted with a single click.

The PrivateSky platform employs CertiVox’ innovative non-interactive key agreement technology which provides end to end encryption by issuing the user just one key – the Sky Key, which, unlike public / private key based encryption systems, recipients do not have to be pre-registered with PrivateSky to receive protected messages.

The Sky Key enables PrivateSky to address privacy, authentication, integrity and non-repudiation without any of the usual complexity, cost or management overhead often found in other public/private key protocol.

Offering simplicity and ease of use, there is no need for usernames, passwords, certificates or complex workflows. CertiVox’s PrivateSky Connectors for Microsoft Silverlight and Internet Explorer deliver all the privacy, authentication, message integrity and benefits of AES encryption – virtually eliminating the threat posed by phishing attacks.

Brian Spector, CEO and founder of CertiVox, said their aim was to improve security in an area that has not been served well until now. He added: “The individual’s right to protect their data on the web has been ignored by the security industry and, as a consequence, is now being abused. We are offering the PrivateSky service for free to users to improve their information security.
“Until now, only large enterprises and governments have been able to adopt the complex and expensive techniques required to secure information exchanges. CertiVox’s breakthrough key distribution technology means that individuals now have access to the same sophisticated information security techniques used by governments and the military – direct from their browsers. And the best part is it’s completely free.” [Source]

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