Latest Automation Studio 8.3 Software for Increased Performance

Freeslate, Inc. Releases Automation Studio 8.3 Software for Increased Performance and Control of Core Module 3 Platform - New version of Freeslate automation software provides improved user interface and compatibility with Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2010

Freeslate, Inc., the leading provider of high throughput research solutions that enable dramatic gains in R&D productivity and innovation, today announced the release of Automation Studio 8.3 software, a key component of its powerful Lab Execution and Analysis (LEA) software suite. Automation Studio improves R&D productivity by automating and controlling multiple laboratory instruments with a single software interface. The release of version 8.3 introduces a new high-performance framework for managing communications with Freeslate’s Core Module 3 (CM3) robotics platform giving researchers increased performance and control of their high throughput experiments.

The CM3 is a highly flexible platform that utilizes the experimental design, workflow automation and data management tools of LEA software to allow researchers to leverage a single automated instrument to prepare, process and test an array of complex mixtures and samples.

“The release of Automation Studio 8.3 gives customers powerful new capabilities when running experiments on our Core Module 3,” stated John Senaldi, president and chief executive officer of Freeslate. “By optimizing the performance of the system, the software allows customers to experience greater confidence and efficiency, increasing their productivity.”

Along with enhanced instrument performance, Automation Studio 8.3 also comes with a number of new features that provide researchers with a deeper understanding of what is happening during an experiment. New features include better display and monitoring of experiment process conditions, more sophisticated safety features, and dynamic parsers that can save data while an experiment is in progress. The new version now supports the Microsoft® Windows 7 operating system and Microsoft® Office 2010.

Freeslate’s LEA software suite also includes Library Studio 8.3, which was released earlier this year. Library Studio allows scientists to design complex experiments for a variety of materials development applications, including protein formulation, pharmaceutical API salt selection and polymorph screening, polymer formulation, home and personal care products, and catalyst synthesis. [Source]

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