Protect iPad from Damage and Scratches with Versatile Rubber Pads

Bluelounge Launches Kicks, Protective Rubber Pads for iPad - Easy to apply versatile rubber strips to secure the longevity and beauty of the iPad.

Bluelounge, the award-winning international design studio known for sleek, functional, design-forward cable management and home/office organization products, today announced the market-wide availability of Kicks, easy to use protective rubber pads for iPad. Kicks represents the latest in a series of sleek, innovative Apple related products from Bluelounge, designed specifically for Apple iPad and useful for other market wide tablets.

Bluelounge Kicks Protective Rubber Pads for iPad

Kicks are small, thin, rubber strips that prevent the iPad from damage and scratches. The protective rails run discreetly along the underside, slightly elevating the device from the surface, providing minimal safekeeping for your valuable life tool. Kicks uses a 3M damage-free adhesive that will not mark your iPad. Easy to apply and strong enough to remain securely in place for everyday use. Reposition and replace at-will without leaving permanent marks.

“People are continuously seeking ways to protect their iPads and tablets without compromising the elegant design of the product,” said Dominic Symons, Bluelounge Principal and Creative Director. “A little protection goes a long way to avoid scratches, slipping and damage. A simple solution like Kicks will only enhance the versatility of the device it’s protecting, not detract. Proud iPad owners can use their hardware confidentially while enjoying the beauty and elegance of the original design. No bulk or weight added, only simple inspiration!”

Price and availability
The MSRP for Kicks is $11.95, include 2 sets (4 Kicks).
Available now on the Company’s website at and at retailers worldwide. [Demo Video] [Source]

Where to Buy:
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