WMA To MP3 – Convert WMA to MP3 Format Swiftly and Free

WMA To MP3 – Convert WMA to MP3 Format Swiftly and Free - Wma-to-mp3.org releases WMA To MP3 10.0.1, a new freeware audio converter to convert WMA to MP3 format and vice versa.

wma-to-mp3.org, an innovative media solutions provider, announces the release of WMA To MP3 10.0.1, a cutting-edge freeware audio converter to convert WMA to MP3 format and vice versa.


WMA is an audio compression technology developed by Microsoft to compete with popular audio formats like MP3 and Real Audio. Having said that, WMA has a wide presence too, for example, it is the only audio format supported by the Windows 7 system sound recorder. Unfortunately, it did not achieve the popularity growth due to DRM hassles and MP3 still continues to be the most popular music file format across the world. People with MP3 players sometimes face issues because the player won’t play WMA files. WMA To MP3 is an application to help people out of this dilemma.“We decide to launch the application to provide an easy, effective yet free solution to help people convert between the most popular two audio formats (WMA and MP3) on Windows platform.” said Anthony Leo, PR Manager of wma-to-mp3.org.

Nowadays, multi-core CPU dominates the PC market and mainstream computer runs faster and more smoothly than ever before. WMA To MP3 is well optimized to embrace the new era of parallel computing. It is ready for cutting-edge technologies like as SSE, Hyper-Threading and capable of fully unleashing the potential power of multi-core CPUs. WMA To MP3 runs much faster on multi-core systems and it makes the WMA to MP3 conversion more expeditious & timesaving. “According to our tests, the converting speed is over 200x on some new computers, that is to say, it is capable of converting a 45 minutes album of WMA files to MP3 within 15 seconds! If WMA To MP3 10.0.1 is not the fastest WMA to MP3 converter available, at least, it should be one of them.” stated Anthony Leo, PR Manager of wma-to-mp3.org.

The main interface of WMA To MP3 is fairly straightforward and easy-to-understand. On the top lies a few appealing graphic buttons, with them the user can load files and start converting effortlessly. This application also provide a Windows Explorer style UI: when user navigates in the left folder tree, WMA To MP3 will automatically search and add audio files in the directory to the right file pane, then the user can edit the file list and perform various file operations with ease. WMA To MP3 supports batch mode converting, with just a few mouse clicks, it converts hundreds of WMA files to MP3 within minutes.

WMA To MP3 is capable of producing CBR, ABR and VBR MP3 files with Lame, which is an advanced MP3 encoder and highly popular among audiophiles for its superior sound quality. WMA To MP3 also has no troubles in decoding and encoding all of the four distinct WMA codecs: WMA Voice, WMA Standard, WMA Professional and WMA Losslelss. With the advanced & uptodate codecs, the sound quality is well maintained and the output files always sound like a faithful reproduction of the original to most listeners.

WMA To MP3 is compatible with prevalent operation systems, it works with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7, both of the 32-bit and 64-bit editions are supported. For more information regarding WMA To MP3, visit wma-to-mp3.org/wma-to-mp3-converter.html. A step-by-step WMA to MP3 conversion tutorial is also available at wma-to-mp3.org/convert-wma-to-mp3.html. [Source]

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