Buy Drift HD Full 1080p Helmet Action Camera with Wireless Remote

Drift HD, The Only Helmet Camera With Wireless Remote Now Available at - Drift HD is the latest and smallest action camera from Drift Innovation. This portable helmet camera comes with a wireless remote and the industry's first 9mp still image capture. It includes 1080p resolution and a built in LCD preview screen for fast and easy video previews.

Drift HD Helmet Camera With Wireless Remote
The popularity of helmet mounted cameras used by sports enthusiasts has exploded in the last few years. Throughout this time Drift Innovation has been at the forefront of action camera technological advances. The new Drift HD available at brings never before seen features to the helmet camera category.

Drift Innovation's Drift line of wearable camcorders for the action sports crowd combines ultra sharp HD recording in a rugged case and flexible mounting system.

The new compact Drift HD is the the culmination of Drift's past few years of camera innovation. The Drift HD is now one of the smallest helmet cameras with a built in LCD screen. The durable, easy-to-use Drift HD camera elevates the point of view camera market with the most feature-rich, multi-functional helmet camera available to date.
Drift HD Full 1080p Helmet Action Camera with Wireless Remote
Wild action sports videos are now easier to shoot with the Drift HD's LCD preview screen. Mountain bikers, snowboarders, motocross riders and other extreme sports enthusiasts can now frame videos and control their cameras easily with the LCD. This means no more guessing at what you are filming and saves you setup time. Time you could be spending on your sport.

Poor sound quality has always plagued action cameras in the past. Drift solves this problem by including a 2.5mm microphone port at the bottom of the camera so now any videographer can connect professional mics to the camera for optimal audio quality.

Reviewing videos straight from a camera to a large screen used to be a real nuisance requiring time consuming transfer and conversion of video files. With the Drift HD's HDMI out port, users can now easily connect the camera directly to a HDTV for instant playback of freshly recorded video.

Drift Innovation did not leave out their most popular feature of previous cameras, thewidely regarded wireless RF remote control system returns in the Drift HD. The wireless remote can be mounted anywhere up to 15 feet away from the camera. Clever customers mount it on their wrist control the camera remotely while attached to handheld tripods.

A smaller camera body, 9mp stills, wireless remote, 1.5" LCD screen, microphone port and easily accessible usb and HDMI ports and other refinements all combine to make the Drift HD camera one of the most feature rich helmet cameras available at a competitive price.

Besides being available at their US based action camera store, Drift HD Canada store and their UK Drift HD store. [Source]

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