iPod iPhone Digital Stereo System with AM FM Tuner and Alarm

Kicker iK150 iPhone Alarm Clock Reviewed by iPhone Speaker Reviews - The iK150, Kicker's newest iPhone Alarm Clock, was reviewed by iPhone Speaker Reviews. The iK150 scored well because of it’s great sound and construction.
iPod iPhone Digital Stereo System with AM FM Tuner and Alarm
iPhone Speaker Reviews (iphonespeakerreviews.com), known for their dedication to all things related to iPhone Speakers, is pleased to announce their latest addition: Kicker iK150 iPhone Alarm Clock Review. This is the first Kicker system they have reviewed and it received high marks.

David Blane, Editor for iPhone Speaker Reviews said, “iPhone alarm clocks are a very specific type of iPhone Speaker. They combine alarm clock functionality and iPhone’s music-playing capabilities for more enjoyable use of both devices. Our review covers sound, style and design, and value”.

The review points out several good features of the iK150 including excellent sound, decent looks, quality build and all-around, solid performance. However, the review remarks that the system could have more modern alarm clock functionality.

“Sound is, by-far, this speakers best feature,” David explains, “It’s what Kicker is known for”. The review boasts, “Strong, powerful sound” and that “The iK150 is one of the loudest, best sounding alarm clocks available”. David summarized his experience with the iK150, “I had to warn the people in the office before we turned it up to full blast. I probably didn't need to test it at it's loudest, but I couldn't resist.”

They expect to have more Kicker iPhone Speaker Reviews available in the future.

About iPhone Speaker Reviews -- iPhone Speaker Reviews, established in 2008, is owned and managed by Intown Web Design of Atlanta, GA. The site was created as a place for iPhone and iPod owners to research and review iPhone speakers. At their website you will find editor and user reviews, video reviews and expert advice articles and guides. They are no way related to Apple or any of the speaker companies that are reviewed. [Video Review] [Source]

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