Professional-Grade Lightweight Camera Slider - CineSkates™

CineSkates Compact Camera Sliders Delivers Fluid Video Shots - Cinetics™ is launching a professional-grade yet lightweight camera slider, CineSkates™, which allows filmmakers to capture stable, high-resolution video footage without lugging heavy gear. CineSkates combines cutting-edge skateboard technology with the flexible GorillaPod Focus™ Tripod, allowing the amateur or seasoned filmmaker to achieve fluid camera movement in space-constrained environments where traditional camera sliders, dollies and cranes are too cumbersome.

Professional-Grade Lightweight Camera Slider - CineSkates™

As a filmmaker himself, Cinetics founder Justin Jensen had trouble finding camera equipment to capture a steady motion shot without having to carry bulky gear or even require an assistant. “Today’s cameras allow you to take high-resolution video in a small form factor, but the result can be shaky and distracting if you don’t have stability. I wanted a camera slider that was lightweight and mobile for professional events or even spontaneous shots, which became the design principles for CineSkates.”

Developed in an MIT MediaLab class, CineSkates is a unique set of wheels that attach to a tripod and enable the user to put their video in motion. They are designed to work specifically with the GorillaPod Focus™ tripod, and a ballhead, like the BallHead X, also from JOBY®.

CineSkates adds captivating motion to product demo videos, wedding films, music videos and other high quality productions in a portable form factor. Filmmakers can produce shots that have previously been impossible or only achievable with bulky and expensive camera equipment, such as:

Arcing video shots that rotate around objects
Sliding video shots that push or pull the subject into focus
Rolling video shots that glide over the subject
Time-lapse video shots that move the camera slowly and smoothly
Panning video shots that scan a wide area
"Worm's eye view" video shots that slide just above the floor

CineSkates are available to preorder through Kickstarter at for a limited time, reduced price of $150 and $275 for the complete CineSkates System that includes the GorillaPod Focus and Ballhead X.

Next up in the Cinetics pipeline are versions of CineSkates that will work with other tripod models as well as various other attachments that expand the capability of portable tripods. For more information about CineSkates, please visit the company website at [Source]

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