New Rapid Fire Technology for Xbox 360 Modded Controller for Gaming

GamerModz Develops New Rapid Fire Technology for Xbox 360 Modded Controller for the Gaming Industry - GamerModz is the leading modding company in the gaming market that brings innovations by creating mods for the Xbox 360 Controllers giving you the competitive advantage. You can always find the best modded controllers from the oldest and original modded controller company.

Gone are the days of a single mode Rapid Fire controller working for every game and every weapon. Even the days of multi-mode (or multi-speed) Rapid Fire modded controllers have become limited in their functionality. The good news is that the most innovative controller modding company in the world has responded to the gaming industry with a technology that is un-matched.

With the on-going evolution of video games, their consoles and controllers, developers are trying to keep the playing field level by blocking the use of modded controllers. The unfortunate wall they continually run in to is that by limiting the advantage of Rapid Fire, or any modded controller, they effectively limit a gamer’s ability to excel in their abilities.

Game developers have tried to patch Rapid Fire by detecting the various ways it is done and limiting firing rates until a new game is started. This did not work out well because gamer’s that were not using Rapid Fire were being limited because they could pull the trigger quite fast. Since then, the new attempts to rid Rapid Fire modded controllers from use, was to take advantage of their inability to adapt to different speeds.

All other companies continued to just change the statically assigned speeds of their multi-mode (or multi-speed) Rapid Fire mods. The downfall to this is past compatibility, future compatibility and the lack of ability to adapt to the different speeds of different weapons.

GamerModz took a different approach using its experience and continuing innovations to the gaming market to create a new Rapid Fire technology instead of doing the “band aid fix” method. GamerModz was the company that started this market and has been in business nearly 5 years. Not only does GamerModz have more experience than anyone else, it has made more contributions to the gaming market are above any other company modding company.

GamerModz introduces their latest technology, the SPS. What’s so great about the SPS technology? The SPS stands for “Shots Per Second” which is a term everyone, especially gamers, can understand. The SPS technology allows the gamer/customer to adjust the speed of their Rapid Fire in exact “Shots Per Second”.

Why is this important you ask? As we said above, developers have made fixed speed Rapid Fire useless when it comes to compatibility. They have not only made the “max” speed different from game to game, but also have made the max speed different weapon to weapon. With the SPS, you can be 100% confident that you can maximize the max Rapid Fire speed for any game made in the past and for any game in the future.

Beware of other Rapid Fire mods on the market that claim to be “adjustable” or “adjustable in shots per second”. GamerModz is the only company that has this technology.

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