New Compact PortaCast® Mini Flypack for Live Multi-Cam HD Production

Mobile Studios Releases New PortaCast® Mini Flypack: Portable and Affordable Solution for Multicam HD/SD Production and Live Streaming - Mobile Studios, Inc. responds to a growing need for a value priced live production system that can be easily transported to remote locations with the release of its new PortaCast® Mini-Flypack.

New Compact PortaCast® Mini Flypack for Live Multi-Cam HD Production

Mobile Studios announces the release of its new PortaCast® Mini-Flypack in response to a growing demand for a compact, powerful and affordable multi-cam live production system. A video switcher with 4 HD/SD-SDI inputs and a 1 scalable DVI input for computers is at the heart of the suitcase size flypack. All Inputs, Next Source and Program are displayed on an integrated hi-res 22” LED monitor with 1920 x 1080 resolution. The system includes a down-stream CG keyer and PC software application that transfers graphic overlays with full alpha channels to the switcher's down-stream keyer via LAN port connections. All inputs and outputs are conveniently located on an internal patch panel for easy access. The internal components are shock-mounted and protected by a rugged but lightweight waterproof rolling case with pull-out handle.

According to Mobile Studios President, Rich Rubin, "The new PortaCast® Mini-Flypack was developed in response to many requests for a compact and affordable mini-flypack for live production and streaming that could be easily transported to remote locations."

An optional integrated streaming module for the PortaCast® Mini-Flypack is available with advanced H.264 High Profile (Level 4.1) video compression and built-in scaling to convert 1080, 720 or 480 inputs to target resolutions with end-to-end latency at approximately 1/8-1/2 second. The streaming module includes an audio mixer with two line or microphone inputs and integrates natively with most streaming services for viewing on any cloud device including iPhones, iPads, PCs and Macs. Streams can be automatically archived for on-demand viewing too.

“We're offering a nicely integrated streaming option that produce high quality streams which can be viewed on all devices including PCs, Macs, phones or tablets... and it's very easy to operate”, said Rubin.

A compact HD recorder/player with 3.5” LCD preview monitor is also available as an option that can record stunning 1920x1080 HD resolution images onto low-cost SD memory cards in three recording modes. A single 32GB SD card can record up to 3 hours in PH mode and up to 12 hours in HE mode. The recorder includes an audio mixer that can accept two line or mic level inputs via XLR connectors. Mobile Studios can also provide other recording devices including those incorporating SSD and Compact Flash media for recording.

An optional robotic camera control located adjacent to the switcher is also available which can control robotic cameras and facilitate production of an entire event by a single operator. “We’re finding more and more producers are turning to robotic cameras for economic reasons. The new breed of affordable HD robotic cameras and controllers are gaining popularity," said Rubin.

The PortaCast® Mini-Flypack with all options installed in its waterproof rolling case weighs only 40 lbs and is airline checkable.

Customized PortaCast® Mini-Flypack systems with options tailored to user requirements are available from Mobile Studios at prices starting at only $7,995. For more information contact Mobile Studios at 877-777-7147 or visit [Source]

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