MicroShell iPad 2 Case is Smart Cover-Compatible

Marware: Now Shipping Sleek, Smart Cover-Compatible iPad 2 Case - Marware offers a variety of accessories and cases for mobile devices, including the durable MicroShell iPad 2 Case. The sleek case design is a perfect fit for the iPad 2 Smart Cover and reflects Marware’s commitment to innovation with an emphasis on quality over pricing.
MicroShell iPad 2 Case is Smart Cover-Compatible
The Smart Cover compatible MicroShell iPad 2 Case by Marware is now shipping directly to customers eager to protect their investment with a durable backing.

Apple’s iPad 2 continues to dominate the tablet market and it’s easy to see why. According to Engadget, “The iPad 2 just seriously raised the bar on sleek, sexy computer hardware.”

Clearly, many consumers agree with this assessment; however, protecting the lightweight tablet from daily wear and tear requires an effective design, one created to work in conjunction with the manufacturer’s accessories, like Apple’s Smart Cover.

The MicroShell iPad 2 Case by Marware is just such a case created with a shock-absorbing polycarbonate shell designed to protect the back of the tablet while working in partnership with the Smart Cover. This sophisticated case is available in five different colors offering style and solid protection without hampering the tablet’s functioning. The 3.6 ounce MicroShell is a sleek 1.7mm thick with cutouts specifically created to provide easy access to all of the tablet’s charging and syncing buttons and ports.

Ronald Khadaran, Marware’s Marketing Director, explains, “We know that many customers bought a Smart Cover with their iPad 2 and wanted a way to protect the back of their tablet. Our MicroShell is the perfect solution for those wanting the peace of mind that comes from knowing their device is protected by a Marware product”

Khadaran continues, “We’re always seeking new solutions to improve the mobile device experience through innovative designs and protection.”

Marware is now shipping the MicroShell iPad 2 Case which is available for order directly from Marware. [Source]

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