Now iPhone Users can Accept Credit Card Anywhere

iPhone Credit Card Terminal Released - iPhoneSwiper Partners with Impact PaySystem to Provide Free iPhone Terminals - Today iPhoneSwiper (, along with partner Impact PaySystem, announced it is offering its state of the art wireless credit card processing terminal for free with a merchant account from Impact PaySystem.

iPhone Credit Card Terminal Released

iPhoneSwiper is the only credit card terminal that has an integrated credit card magnetic-stripe reader, Infra-red barcode scanner, and thermal printer. The terminal, coupled with the gateway software through iPhoneSwiper powered by Impact PaySystem, allows merchants to easily view and control all their store's products through the iPhoneSwiper software. This transforms the software from your simple, low-end "credit card processing only" software, to a full point-of-sale system which uses the UPC barcode scanner to quickly create an order and accept payment for it. At the same time, the software will automatically update the database and inventory while orders are being placed. This enables merchants to view which items sell well, which sold out, and which do not sell at all.

The iPhone credit card software can be obtained from the App store for no cost to the merchant. Emily Roberts with iPhoneSwiper said “this incredible offer will help all those mobile merchants who were restricted to get a mobile unit due to the cost of the units”. iPhoneSwiper device will allow mobile merchants to save a significant amount on their credit card processing, due to cards “present” (swiped) increase while utilizing their iPhone. Credit card processor issue rates are based on the risk factor of the transaction.

“Your ability to achieve the lowest rates hinges upon your ability to conduct the least risky transactions” said Roberts. “With this ingenious new Point of Sale device, you can now conduct card present transactions anywhere.”

“The iPhoneSwiper represents the culmination of years of ideas and innovation, and was built with quality standards and compliance in mind” said Dee Karawadra, President and CEO of Impact PaySystem. “With security, and credit card fraud increasing, it made sense to partner with a company that has dedicated to providing a secure transaction environment”. All suppliers for the device are under regular review, and all software and backend processing connections are reviewed by Level-1 certified Visa/MasterCard assessors. “We stand fully and faithfully behind this product for these reasons” Karawadra added.

For more information on iPhone Swiper and Impact PaySystem, visit and/or or call 877.251.0778. [Source]

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