New T4 Data Centre Solutions from Cannon Technologies

Cannon Technologies’ New T4 Data Centre Solutions - Cannon Technologies is this month exhibiting its latest sophisticated data centre solutions with aisle cocooning (cold aisle containment) and within row cooling.

Cannon’s easy to install aisle cocooning is being demonstrated on March 2 and 3 2011 at Data Centre World (Stand B37) at London’s Olympia. It is the UK’s biggest and fastest-growing exhibition and conference for Data Centre Managers.

New T4 Data Centre Solutions from Cannon Technologies

The hi-tech, UK-manufactured aisle cocooning solution is being shown fitted to Cannon ServerSmart cabinets but can also be retro-installed into existing data centres, creating significant cost savings for users from day one.

Aisle cocooning represents the state of the art in energy-saving, space efficient server cabinets.

Cannon Technologies is a global leader in aisle cocooning, which is vital in helping to protect servers from overheating. Cannon’s quick-fit overhead cocooning panels can be either:

* passive – overhead panels are fixed. Servers are protected by fire-suppression modules fitted within the cabinets
* active – overhead panels open automatically in case of fire to allow deployment of suppressant from ceiling-mounted systems.

Aisle cocooning is a key feature of Cannon’s T4 Data Centre PODs, a turnkey-ready solution that dramatically cuts the cost of capital expenditure, enhancing return on capital employed. Benefits include:

* reduced operating costs – the latest curved door design maximises energy savings
* greater processing capacity for each given floor space
* retro-installable for existing data centres, significantly reducing capital expenditure
* up to 30kW cooling as standard with higher levels available on demand
* versatility, ease of installation
* complete turnkey solutions available
* custom colours available, including corporate liveries and energy-saving lighter shades.

T4 Data Centre PODs’ modular format means they can be rolled out swiftly with virtually no impact on the fabric of the buildings in which they are sited. That means no major repairs or ‘making good’ to rented buildings in the event of their removal.

Aisle cocooning options include:

* a selection of doors that can be configured to meet user needs
* security access control and temperature monitoring
* hot aisle cocooning, rear fan doors and roof fan trays for better and faster dispersal of hot exhaust air
* chilled water heat exchangers within bays to achieve higher cooling capacity
* cabinet roof level cabling for greater under-floor air circulation and better cooling
* 200mm wide extra chiller units which can be inserted between cabinets provide an extra 25kW of cooling power.

The superior operational efficiencies of Cannon T4 Data Centre Solutions and aisle cocooning dramatically widen the choice of geographical locations in which they may be employed.

Cannon Technologies Sales and Marketing Director Max Zaccaria said: “Data centres around the world have a responsibility to minimise their energy consumption.

“With the ever-present risk of enforced legislation, data centres are increasingly considering solutions to improve energy efficiency and reduce power consumption.”

Cannon T4 Data Centre Solutions comprise seven different product ranges for Tier 4* data centres:

* T4 Data Centres: complete turnkey data centre solutions, from design through to support, created in client buildings
* T4 Mini Data Centres: single rack data centres with all the infrastructure components within a single enclosure
* T4 Modular Data Centres: a modular room with power and cooling for multiple racks or large system components
* T4 ISO Data Centres: ISO containerised data centre solutions for high density loads and mobile applications
* T4 Data Centre PODs: Aisle containment POD solutions for new or existing data centres
* T4 Data Centre Components: component products to enhance existing non-T4 solutions
* T4 Data Centre Manager: a state of the art software package for remote and local management of security, cooling and power with full system configuration. [Source]

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