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MagneticallyHeldLightBulbs.com, a blog about innovative lighting, has published several new pages, including “History of the Light Bulb,” “Magnetic Light Bulbs,” and “Indoor LED Lighting.”

The page “History of the Light Bulb” from MagneticallyHeldLightBulbs.com details the development of light bulbs, from the earliest incarnations of the incandescent light bulb. The author notes that the concept of the light bulb was first explored in the early 19th century by inventors like Humphry Davey and Warren De la Rue. However, the page states that the carbon filament and the tungsten filament were both significant developments that made light bulbs “practical” for a majority of households.

“Magnetic Light Bulbs,” published on MagneticallyHeldLightBulbs.com, describes the advantages inherent in light bulbs and fixtures that utilize a magnetic design. Magnetic light bulbs, according to the page, are simpler to install than standard screw in light bulbs. Despite the convenience provided by this lighting method, the author admits that magnetic light bulbs are not generally sold in stores, and modifications kits for existing lighting hardware are rare.

“Indoor LED lighting may just be the future of household lighting,” begins MagneticallyHeldLightBulbs.com on the page “Indoor LED Lighting.” The page explains how LED light bulbs, with their energy efficiency and long lifespan, are expected to replace incandescent and CCFLs in the coming years. Current LED lighting uses semiconductors with multiple LED diodes to produce light. Despite LED light bulbs’ predicted success, the author mentions their price range of $20 and up as a barrier preventing adoption by most consumers. [Source]

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