New Kind of Superhero Hits the App Store... Squid Kid

A New Kind of Superhero Hits the App Store... Squid Kid - Introducing Squid Kid... A new kind of hero for a new kind of platform game. Life just got wetter...

Finally swinging his way to the app store, iEvilGames is proud to present the hero of the new iphone app Squid Kid which reinvents the platform genre. Rather than run and jump, our soaking wet super hero swings and swims across 4 huge worlds, battling the worst villains the sea has to throw at him.

Utilizing innovative touch controls Squid Kid is a new kind of platform game that allows the player to move in any direction and freely swing around levels any way they want to, there is no direct route, there is no correct route...

New Kind of Superhero Hits the App Store... Squid Kid

Just because he's boneless doesn't mean he isn't up there with the greatest, as this fishy superhero the player can spend hours swinging around and catching baddies.

The sea can be cruel, the sea can be kind, the villains are tough, but Squid Kid is tougher.

Squid Kid has been released at an initial launch price of $0.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

Squid Kid is available now to download.

4 worlds
20 levels
4 evil bosses
countless Henchmen
Death defying swinging action

iEvilGames is an indie developer and publisher of innovative interactive content.
Squid Kid is iEvilgames' first game for the iPhone and iPod touch. [Source]

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