Eclipse 1000 Plus Family of Production Rollfilm Scanners

Eclipse 1000 Plus Family of Production Rollfilm Scanners - nextScan Releases The Eclipse 1000 Plus Family of Film Scanners and Offers Special Upgrades on Existing Product - New production rollfilm models and upgrades can deliver speeds up to 1000 pages per minute with output in uncompressed 12 bit data for “Archival Quality” applications

nextScan, the provider of the next generation in film and fiche scanning technology, today announced the introduction of its Eclipse 1000 Plus family of production rollfilm scanners, and the availability of special upgrades to its other film scanner products already in the field. The Eclipse 1000 Plus family is currently available in the US/Domestic market only, and is available in 3 models; Eclipse 1000A, Eclipse 1000B and Eclipse 1000 High Definition (HD). The Eclipse models range in capabilities, to include:

•Scan speeds from 600 ppm for uncompressed 12 bit data and/or 1000 ppm 8 bit compressed (Eclipse 1000A)
•Scan speeds up to 1000 ppm for uncompressed 12 bit data (Eclipse HD)

The introduction of such models now allows for pristine image quality of scanned images with the 12 bit option, enabling the highest OCR accuracy, and delivers the highest scan speeds available in the market today. Each model comes with nextScan’s state-of-the-art NextStar processing software to enable maximized throughput of the scanners with its unique “ribbon scanning” functionality. Additionally, special upgrades are now available through nextScan on Eclipse 300, 400 Plus and 600 Plus rollfilm scanner models. Current nextScan customers can upgrade from the 300 to 600 Plus, or 600 Plus to one of the Eclipse 1000 Plus models, giving the user enhanced capabilities and faster scan speeds. The Eclipse 1000 HD will be featured in nextScan booth 912 at the upcoming Info360 / AIIM Show, March 22-24 in Washington DC.

“The Eclipse Plus 1000 model offerings are in an effort to always provide the most cutting-edge technology for film scanning to service bureaus and companies that have big, and sometimes complex, scanning applications,” said Kurt Breish, nextScan CEO. “With each Eclipse model offering high speeds for uncompressed data output and even higher speeds if a user opts for compressed data, we bring to the market options for getting simpler scan jobs done much more quickly, and also address the needs for scan applications that require the very best resulting image quality possible such as degraded historical documents or newspapers, 'Archival Quality.' Along with the new Eclipse Plus models, we can now offer our current customers in the field an upgrade path for their existing models to “take them to the next level” in return on investment. These upgrades can allow users to take on more business and more scan jobs, adding to their bottom line." [Source]

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