CNet New Wireless-N Mobile Routers of Built-in Batteries and 3G Module

CNet Announced New Wireless-N Mobile Routers with Built-in Batteries and Built-in 3G Module - Known for its total network solution approach, CNet Technology, a Silicon Valley networking and communications company announced the addition of new wireless-N mobile routers with built-in Li-Ion batteries and built-in WCDMA 3G module.

"With new CNet 3G Wi-Fi routers, mobile connectivity is taken to new levels. Built-in batteries and in the case of CMR-983, built-in 3G module, offers true mobility." said Chang Lee, EVP of CNet Technology.

CMR-982 and CMR-983 are compact and designed for mobile use. CMR-982 offers wireless-N 2T2R architecture with speeds of up to 300Mbps. The new router not only comes with its own Li-Ion batteries but also accepts power from an AC adapter or mini-USB port.

New Wireless-N Mobile Routers with Built-in Batteries and 3G Module

The built-in batteries when fully charged offer up to 6 hours of router operation. For Internet access, CMR-982 provides 3G (through external UMTS and CDMA modems), Ethernet (Cable/DSL) and Wi-Fi connectivity.

CMR-983, the latest CNet mobile router incorporates a built-in WCDMA 3G module. Users can insert an active data SIM card into the router and connect and share on the go. The wireless-N router offers secure wireless connections at 300Mbps and like previous models accept power from many sources like built-in Li-Ion batteries, AC or power from USB. With CMR-983 users don't need long term contracts for 3G access; they can buy SIM cards and pay by the day, week or month. In addition to 3G, this router also offers Cable/DSL and Wi-Fi Internet access to its users.

Available in rugged cases and designed for mobility, the new CNet routers are applicable to a host of mobile situations.

CMR-982 is now available at CNet distribution including SED, Ma Labs, CT Int'l, Intcomex and CMR-983 will be available soon.

For detailed specs and images, please visit CNet website at [Source]

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