TrusCont USB Duplicators are Optimized to a Whole New Level

TrusCont Brings USB Duplicators to a Whole New Level - A new generation of systems capable of duplicating both flash and optical media simultaneously. These systems incorporate USB 3.0 architecture and features never before seen in USB Duplication.

TrusCont Ltd. a leader in Digital Rights Management and Content Delivery solutions, announced today the creation of its USB Duplicators Division. TrusCont is poised to service the growing demand for publishing high value commercial data and intellectual property on USB Flash Drives.

TrusCont USB Duplicators

The USB Duplication division focuses on the manufacturing and marketing of its all-in-one content publishing systems. These systems Incorporate File Repository, Remote Administration, On-Demand production, and all of TrusCont's hi-tech security and publishing solutions.

Through the TrusCont Content Publishing Server (TCPS) product line, TrusCont brings USB Duplication to a whole new level. The top end model, the TCPS-1604, is the world's first all-in-one Content Publishing Server that was introduced by TrusCont last May at the MediaTech Expo in Frankfurt. The TCPS-1604 incorporates technologies never before seen in USB duplication systems. Features such as USB 3.0 architecture, Remote Admin, File Repository, Copy Protection, Digital Rights Management, and On-Demand capabilities are exclusive to the TrusCont content publishing systems. With the creation of its USB Duplicators Division, TrusCont announces two additional models of Content Publishing Servers, as well as a do-it-yourself USB 3.0 Duplication Kit that customers can use to build their own solutions, and a software only product.

The TrusCont Content Publishing Servers are much more than USB Duplicators. Not only are these the first and only systems capable of duplicating CD/DVD optical media, and various flash cards such as MicroSD in addition to USB Flash Drives in one single system, but they can also do it in parallel, even when duplicating different data sets. The TCPS also automatically detects external devices such as USB Hubs and allows duplication from them as if they were an integral part of the system. This makes TrusCont systems truly scalable solutions.

The TCPS powerful proprietary software actually turns the system into a sophisticated, high performance production server. It features a built-in File Repository for archiving data sets, and easily allows starting production of repeat orders. On-demand features allow customers to login and upload their own data sets to the File Repository, and even submit duplication tasks requests. Remote administration enables monitoring and production control from anywhere via the local network, or over the Internet. Advanced mastering tools allow customers to create image files for both DVD discs and USB Flash Drives.

"We bring USB Duplication to a whole new level," says Peter Finkelshtein, TrusCont's VP of R and D. "Unlike some other duplicators that are not more than just USB hubs bundled with software, TrusCont systems have all components and software already built-in. Not only do we provide complete turn-key solutions, but our systems contain only high-end hardware and our own proprietary software that are specifically optimized and fine-tuned for working together at the highest performance and reliability"

"With the creation of our USB Duplicators Division, we fully expect to meet the demands of the market for a scalable, integrated USB duplicator. Our TrusCont USB Duplicators are full-featured with TrusCont data copy protection, rights management, and access control solutions for both DVDs and USB Flash Drives," says Marc J. Cohen, TrusCont's Business Development Manager. "These systems were originally designed to be high-end production solutions for our TrusCont Secure Flash Drives, and TrusCont Enhanced DVD-R customers, yet because of market demand for mass USB duplication of IP and commercial data, they now meet the need as high-end, multi-purpose production systems".

"TrusCont's USB Duplicators are optimized systems that streamline production and improve workflow," says Eyal Cohen, TrusCont's CEO. "All our systems are developed and assembled at our research and development center here in Israel. I'm sure that our customers can appreciate the significant advantages of products built by a hi-tech company that fully understands technology, over those products assembled by integrators".

Additional information on all TrusCont Content Publishing Servers and USB Duplication solutions can be found on a new website dedicated to the TrusCont USB Duplicators Division - [Source]

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