Updated Free Disc Burner and DVD Video Burner Software

Updated Versions of Burning Software from DVDVideoSoft - DVDVideoSoft has updated free burning applications: Free Disc Burner and Free DVD Video Burner.

DVDVideoSoft releases updated versions of two widely popular programs - Free Disc Burner and Free DVD Video Burner. These programs have been enriched with new burning engines which facilitate the whole process of operating the programs.

Updated Free Disc Burner and DVD Video Burner Software

Due to global internal changes, the programs have become more stable and reliable. This will help to eliminate all the errors which occurred previously. However, the programs are still simple in usage and functionality.

Free Disc Burner is a special program to write any files, folders and data to any disk. The program supports burning of .ISO (disc image) files. This feature diversifies program's capacity and renders new perspectives in usage.

Free DVD Video Burner writes prepared DVD videos, files, folders, like Video_TS from PC (hard drive) to a DVD disc. This disc can be played on all home DVD players. The program features new function of data verification which is able to check DVD structure prior burning to a DVD disc. This will eliminate the errors when a newly burnt DVD is not reproduced on players due to the fact that DVD structure was not proper.

Both programs are included in the all-in-one package of DVDVideoSoft programs – Free Studio. As usual DVDVideoSoft welcomes everyone to get the updated versions of its free multimedia programs directly at dvdvideosoft.com. [Source]

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