Learn Everything on New Casino Table Game Quick Seven®

Everything You Need to Know About the New Casino Table Game Quick Seven® Before It Hits the Online Casinos bet365 and Paddy Power - Learn everything about the new casino table game Quick Seven® before it hits the online casino bet365, via the Finsoft software platform, as well as the online casino Paddy Power, via the OpenBet software platform (formerly Orbis Technology Ltd.).

Quick Seven®, unlike most casino games, allows players a chance to get involved in the game by making discard decisions, pressing existing wagers, hedging losing wagers, and the ever popular hitting of the hands.

New Casino Table Game Quick Seven®

Within the first quarter of 2011, the new casino game Quick Seven® will be added to both the Finsoft software platform and the OpenBet software platform (formerly Orbis Technology Ltd.), via our partner Electracade Ltd., with the online casino bet365 leading the launch for Finsoft and the online casino Paddy Power leading the launch for OpenBet.

What Makes Quick Seven® Unique

Unique Game Concept:
-If the player's initial card dealt is six or less, the dealer deals to the player's hand until it totals seven or greater. If greater, the dealer will discard one card of the player's choice, leaving the player with the option to hit or stand.

Use of a Discard:
-This allows the player to discard one card if needed to create their best possible hand prior to the option to hit or stand (this promotes a sense of control over the outcome of a hand).

Win a Hand with One Card:
-With a Quick Seven® (1st card dealt is a seven; no discard is used), the player has the option to win 1 to 1 regardless of the dealer’s hand (a Quick Seven® occurs 53.8% more often then a Blackjack).

Option to Challenge™ the Dealer’s Hand:
-With a Quick Seven®, the player has the option to (declining the 1 to 1 payout), Challenge™ the dealer's hand with their original bet for a chance to win 2 to 1.

Second Chance Side Bet with a Dealt Bust:
-With a dealt bust (1st and 2nd card dealt is an 8, 9, or 10), the player has the option to place a Hazard Bet™ equal to their original bet. With a Hazard Bet™, the player has a second chance to redeem their losing hand.

How to Play

-To have a hand with a value of seven or as close to seven as possible, allowing one discard.

Card Values:
-Numbered cards hold their face value. Jacks, Queens, Kings, and Aces all have a value of one.

Dealing of the Game:
1) Before any cards are dealt, the players place their bets.

2) The dealer then deals each player one card face up; then the dealer receives one card face down.

3) If the player’s first card is:
-A discarded 8, 9, or 10: the player receives another card and the option to hit or stand (8’s, 9’s, and 10’s are an automatic discard because their value is greater than seven).

-Six or less: additional cards are dealt until the player’s hand totals seven or greater than seven. If the player’s hand totals greater than seven, the dealer will discard one card of the player’s choice, as long as the hand value remains seven or less.

4) After a discard, the player can choose to stand or hit again as many times as the player chooses, as long as the hand value remains seven or less. If the total goes over seven again, the player busts.

5) The dealer then flips over their first card.

6) The dealer has the same goal as the players, except the dealer must choose to play the high card or the high total of their hand.

7) After a discard, the dealer has to hit on four or less and stand on five or greater.

Basic Strategy

Optimal player strategy of Quick Seven® is to play as follows:
-Choose the high card or high total of a hand.
-Never hit after a discard (example: hitting on a 4 is similar to hitting on a 15 in Blackjack).
-Never Challenge™ on a Quick Seven®.
-Never place a Hazard Bet™ on a dealt bust.

House Edge

-Using basic strategy, the house edge for Quick Seven® is approximately 2.63%.

What’s on the Table with Quick Seven®

Quick Seven® is currently available as a new casino game app in the Apple App Store for the iPhone, iPod touch, and soon, the iPad, via our partner Avalinx, Inc. Quick Seven® is also the latest addition to the Phantom EFX series of Reel Deal Casino games, featured in Valley of the Kings. Quick Seven® is also available through Casino Party Planners, the first casino party company in the world to offer Quick Seven®, providing the game to customers in Florida, Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin.

Quick Seven® in 2011 will also be invading the Android Market as a new casino game app for compatible mobile phones, via our partner Rapidsoft Systems, Inc., with long term plans to release Quick Seven® for the Blackberry, Symbian and Windows Phone 7 Operating Systems, as well as Brew and J2ME development platforms (no specific order of release). For further information, please visit quickseven.com or play the free online game to experience the excitement of Quick Seven® first-hand. [Source]

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