New MP3 Rocket YouTube Downloader Comply With Copyright Laws

New MP3 Rocket version 6.0.1 Makes Nice With The Music Industry - Offers Improvements to Comply With Copyright Laws - Today MP3 Rocket (, an industry leader in music downloading released the latest version of their music downloading software. MP3 Rocket version 6.0.1 features faster, more reliable downloads and reflects the change from a P2P client to a YouTube music downloader and video converter.

New MP3 Rocket YouTube Downloader Comply With Copyright Laws

Over time the quality and quantity of files available over the Gnutella network has diminished leading MP3 Rocket developers to search for an alternative. That alternative presented itself in the form of a new YouTube downloading technology that enables users to access media files from a constantly expanding library. Leaving behind both Gnutella and Bit Torrent has had the additional benefit of bringing MP3 Rocket in full compliance with copyright laws.

Test the basic version:

"Rather than fighting to preserve an obsolete network MP3 Rocket has sought out technological advances to improve the software," said Paschal Rousseau, MP3 Rocket Developer. "Our goal has always been to maintain the quality level and media selection MP3 Rocket users have come to expect."
MP3 Rocket Version 6.0.1 will allow users to:

* Get more results faster for MP3 Searches.
* Preview and download YouTube videos as MP3's.
* Easily sync to an iPod with a single click.
* Capture video from almost any internet stream or broadcast.

Users will be able to search, download and convert media for use on their home computers and mobile devices. Utilizing the practice of "Time Shifting" MP3 Rocket makes media files available to download and view immediately, or at a more convenient time in the future.

The practice of "Time Shifting" allows users to view and/or listen to a work or sound recording that is publicly broadcast at a time of their choosing. Using the same ruling that makes it legal to record television at home MP3 Rocket has made recording Internet broadcasts to your computer a viable option as well.

For more information on Time Shifting visit:

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