Casual Gamers can Surf Locally Global Locations with GeoSurf™ Toolbar

GeoSurf Enables Casual Gaming Professionals to Surf Locally - Without Being Local - GeoSurf™, the toolbar that enables users to get the local perspective in 70+ global locations, is coming to Casual Connect, the casual gaming show in Hamburg, with a special offer. A free, no-obligation enterprise package will be presented to anyone who is interested in surfing locally...without being local.

GeoSurf™ ( has sent an elite team to the Casual Connect show in Hamburg with a special offer. Anyone who is interested in trying out the application, which enables users to get the local perspective in 70+ global locations, will get free access simply by speaking with a GeoSurf™ team member.

"The casual gaming industry, like many other sectors of online media, greatly benefits from GeoSurf™," said Oren Zafrir, VP Sales. "They can use our straight-forward toolbar to access our network of servers located all over the world, including over 20 high-value US metro areas. By accessing our servers to surf as a local user would, QA personnel can validate their titles, as well as their payment and user funnel. Sales personnel have been using GeoSurf successfully to qualify new distributors and advertisers. And the Media personnel with GeoSurf in their arsenal have been discovering new traffic sources working across numerous geo-targets."

Mr. Zafrir and his team are at the Casual Connect show in Hamburg, Germany this week. They hope to help thousands in the casual gaming industry by introducing them to GeoSurf™ with a special offer for a free enterprise package.

"Our clients love it because it is easy to use," said Yoav Shalev. The GeoSurf™ servers are fast, reliable, and secure. They allow customers who are located somewhere in Europe to view and interact with their web content and advertising as if they are users in the US, other parts of Europe, or virtually anywhere else.

Anyone who is interested in the special offer to try GeoSurf™ in all of its 70+ global locations should contact the team at the conference. Those who didn't make it to the show this year can still contact the team for more information about the benefits of GeoSurf™. [Source]

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