Turtle Beach XP500 Gaming Headset for Xbox360 Gaming Console

Turtle Beach XP500 Gaming Headset Now Available for Pre-Order at Headphones.com - Turtle Beach expands on their hugely successful PX5 gaming headphone to give maximum Xbox 360 compatibility with the new XP500.

Headphones.com, a leading internet retailer of headphones, earphones, gaming headsets, and headphone accessories is proud to announce the availability of the Turtle Beach XP500 gaming headset, specifically for use with the Xbox360 gaming console.

The predecessor of the XP500, the Turtle Beach PX5 which was originally made for the popular PlayStation3, has been one of Headphones.com's top selling gaming headsets. The demand for a pure wireless surround sound gaming headset has increased as technology advances, and Turtle Beach has introduced the perfect solution to integrate with multiple devices.

The XP500 introduces itself as a multifunctional surround sound gaming headset with the ability to connect to mobile phones, laptops, and any other Bluetooth enabled device. This gives it the ability to stream music, chat or watch videos with sound on any of these devices.

Gamers will be most impressed with features which enhance the gaming experience. Turtle Beach offers a fully customizable interface which users can connect to through the Turtle Beach website and download different game profiles. These game profiles will eliminate unnecessary background noise for the specific game and improve the accuracy of the sound of the games virtual environment, pulling the gamer deeper into the game.

“Here at Headphones.com, we are very excited to be able to offer consumers the Turtle Beach Earforce XP500 in time for the holiday season,” stated Brian Gluck, Manager of Headphones.com. “We have seen great success with the previous top rated Turtle Beach headset and are looking forward to bringing the XP500 to the Xbox 360 user base.”

Users will be able to connect to the base of the XP500 via optical TOSLINK input which preserves the quality of the game’s audio. Because the XP500 transmits sound at 150MIPS, game sound will reach the user’s ear as the game was meant to be heard. [Source]

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