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The Best Headphones for Exercise: ZIPPEARZ Launches Slip-Proof Sports Ear Buds - ZIPPEARZ Sport Ear Buds stay in place during running, jogging, and other sweaty activities and deliver outstanding sound and noise-canceling performance.

ZIPPEARZ is celebrating their premiere product launch with the release of ZIPPEARZ Sport Ear Buds, the best ear buds for running, yoga, Pilates, and other activities.

ZIPPEARZ Slip-Proof Sports Ear Buds

ZIPPEARZ Sport Ear Buds are sports headphones designed for the active audiophile who wants to enjoy both a good workout and great music, without compromising on comfort, sound, or performance. ZIPPEARZ are ergonomically designed to remain in place without sliding or slipping during the most strenuous activities, while delivering high quality sound and noise canceling performance.

“I thought if I could solve a problem in my life, it could help others,” says Steve Howell, founder of ZIPPEARZ. “When I exercise, music helps me get through it.”

Two years ago, Steve had grown frustrated with the lack of quality sport headphones for running and jogging. The existing ear buds on the market tended to slip and slide out of the ear during sweaty or strenuous movement, and other headphone styles were uncomfortable or unwieldy during exercise. Rather than settle for reduced comfort and sound quality, Steve decided to develop a product that would allow the exerciser to enjoy the benefits of music during a workout without having to constantly adjust awkward ear buds.

That first prototype evolved into the ZIPPEARZ Sport Ear Buds, jogging headphones that are comfortable, stylish, and enticing—although not quite as enticing as the ZIPPEARZ commercial, which debuted in April 2011 and instantly landed on The Smoking Jacket’s “The Six Sexiest Moments in Recent Advertising History”. Don’t be fooled, however, for ZIPPEARZ can certainly deliver performance as well as looks.

The sports ear buds are compatible with any iPod, iPhone or mP3 player and deliver high performance sound while allowing the wearer to focus on exercise—not on ear buds that keep sliding out. The ear buds feature three sizes of ear gel pads that fit comfortably in the ear without slipping during exercise, as well as a cord zipper feature that helps prevent the headphones from tangling when not in use. The patent pending, detachable ear loop fits over the ear and comfortably adjusts to keep the ear buds in place no matter how strenuous the exercise—or how sweaty the exerciser. With or without the adjustable ear loop, the ear buds reduce outside noise while delivering the best sound quality, all without falling out even during tough workouts. This is good news for joggers, yoga enthusiasts, mountain bikers, and anyone who wants the freedom to engage in strenuous activity without worrying about ear buds falling out or headphones slipping. [Source]

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