New Hands-Free Underwater Camera Built into Scuba-Mask

New Underwater Photography Gear For Summer, Scuba Mask Cameras and Underwater Lenses For Gopro Cameras From - Scuba mask cameras that take underwater videos and photos are all the rage. For action camera enthusiasts a new underwater lens gets rid of blurry video and produces much sharper images.

Liquid Image Swim Mask Camera

Summer is still here, why not make the best of it by recording water sport adventures on video with scuba mask cameras? is announcing two new products that can make recording wild diving, surfing, paddling antics fun and easy.

Liquid Image Scuba Mask Cameras
The Liquid Image scuba mask cameras from are the world's only swim mask that has an integrated waterproof digital video camera that can also take high resolution still photos. Dive to 15ft / 5m and deeper (depending on model) and record everything seen from a person's point of view. Eliminate the need to hand carry an expensive underwater camera, the Liquid Image scuba mask cameras are perfect for diving, snorkeling or swimming pools.

With the newest budget Liquid Image Explorer 304 model, the scuba camera allows diving down to 15ft/5m, take 8mp still photos and quality videos for less than 99 dollars.

For convenience all Liquid Image cameras come with internal memory and take MicroSD cards. Standard AAA batteries are used so it's easy to find replacements no matter the water sport location in the world. All Liquid Image cameras from the budget Explorer to the Scuba series are specially designed to allow lighting attachment accessories for divers wishing to explore the murky depths.

Underwater Replacement Lenses For GoPro Hero Cameras
Action camera users who already have the popular GoPro camera know how rugged and waterproof they can be. Many people mount them on surf boards and kiteboards because they know Gopros are not only water sealed but can handle the harsh pounding as well.

The only issue with the GoPros filming in water is the light refraction that occurs when underwater. The stock curved lens on the GoPros can cause images to be blurry when under water. has found a solution to this problem with a flat glass lens that can easily be swapped into the GoPro camera housings.

The flat glass lens fixes the underwater focus/blurry problem caused by the original GoPro HD HERO curved lens. The flat lens for GoPro cameras can take crisp high definition underwater video, sharper than the factory lens. The flat lens is a drop-in replacement for the original GoPro housing curved lens with a depth rating of up to 180ft.

This optical quality lens is made of glass set in an anodized aluminum frame. Videographers will notice the difference immediately after switching to this flat underwater glass lens for GoPro. [Source]

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