Security Camera Installation Increases to 30 Million Post 9/11 America

10 Years and 30 Million Security Cameras Later: Puts A Focus On Security Camera Increases On 9/11’s 10th Anniversary - cites research reporting an increase of 30 million security cameras installed in post 9/11 America, with the cameras populating both public and private areas.

Security cameras, once reserved for airports, Fortune 500 corporations, and retail stores, are now speckled throughout all areas of life – from public parks to elementary schools and the sidewalks our kids play on., home security camera experts, cites data from IMS Research that 30 million security cameras have been sold in just the last decade following the footprint of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Security Camera Installation Increases to 30 Million Post 9/11 America

“SpyTown is based in Long Island, so we saw front and center the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks. It made us all aware of how vulnerable we are, and security cameras help give us some peace of mind. They may not be able to fight terror, but they are a tool in preventing it,” reflects Howard Geschwind, Sales Director. has supplied thousands of IP security cameras to New York City over the last decade to monitor various aspects of city life and help protect its citizens. Security cameras were recently used in NYC to piece together the motions of Leiby Kletzky, an 8 year old that was brutally murdered in Brooklyn this summer. Although the cameras were not enough to save Kletzky’s life, they did help pinpoint his whereabouts and pin down the murder suspect.

The NYC Surveillance Camera Project has been keeping watch over the city’s security cameras, and reports that an average of 200 security cameras monitor every district in NYC. Although there is some controversy over the public cameras, additional security cameras are continuing to be added.

An MSNBC article, “Post 9/11, surveillance cameras everywhere”, additionally reports on how security cameras are being used to prevent theft and pursue suspects, particularly in New York and London. London police are taking screenshots from their outdoor security cameras and placing them on a Flickr page and asking citizens to help them locate the identity of the thieves in the screenshots. has continued to see an uptick in security camera sales over the last decade, and has made it a point to educate home owners, businesses, and government agencies on the necessity of security cameras in post 9/11 America. [Source]

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