Multi-Funtional iPad 2 Case from ZooGue

ZooGue Launches Multi-Funtional iPad 2 Case - As the excitement exudes over the recent release of the iPad 2, ZooGue is proud to announce the launch of their highly sought after multi-functional case for the new tablet computer.

When people are looking for the best case to fit their tablet computer needs, the ZooGue Case Genius far exceeds their expectations. For those who require a case providing limitless adjustability, a strong and sturdy stand and adjustable straps that double as a hand strap or headrest mount, they find the ZooGue Case Genius provides all of these options and more.

Multi-Funtional iPad 2 Case from ZooGue

The Case Genius offers the added benefit of including the sleep/wake feature designed specifically for the iPad 2, an option that many of its competitors do not provide. With the addition of cameras added to the new tablet computer, the ZooGue iPad 2 Case Genius gives full access to the cameras while the tablet remains securely placed within the case. With the thinner dimensions and the added upgrades, slight adjustments have been made to the ZooGue iPad 2 Case Genius; however it still offers the same versatility as its predecessor.

Anticipating the surge of sales for the iPad 2, ZooGue started pre-selling the new case in March. With the overwhelming response from their customers, ZooGue sold out of their first and second shipments in just a few short days. With the demand being so great for the multi-functional case, ZooGue has made every effort to provide the case in a timely manner. Currently the new ZooGue iPad 2 Case Genius is available for purchase at

ZooGue is inspired to continue to bring innovative products to their large base of customers who require nothing less than perfection. They are committed to making the best products and will continue to strive for excellence. [Source]

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