3D Infra-Red Shopper Tracking Sensor from Vizualize

Vizualize 3IRD - 3D Infra-Red Sensor - Vizualize Demonstrates Upcoming 3D Infra-red Shopper Tracking Sensor

At the Euroshop Retail Exhibition 2011, Vizualize demonstrated for the first time their new 3D infra-red sensor 3IRD.

3IRD is a standalone, omnidirectional shopper tracking system that uses the very latest in vision systems based on 3d infra-red sensor technology. Most vision sensors are limited as they require stable light and cannot perceive depth. However 3IRD views a scene in 3 dimensions, thereby enabling it to distinguish between people and other objects with unprecedented accuracy and with its IR sensor, it can even see in the dark.

About Vizualize:
Vizualize’s solutions deliver key insight into every element of retail store shopper activity, allowing retailers to make smarter decisions in order to acquire, convert and retain more customers. Its solutions tie together leading-edge sensors, intelligent appliances, software, analytics and reporting solutions to enhance business performance. Managing the retail environment thus becomes a sophisticated approach to tracking and measuring consumer interaction and engagement. The result is higher returns on infrastructure, human resource and marketing investments and improved visitor-to-customer conversion rates for their clients.

Today, Vizualize’s customers include 10 world renowned brands for every employee. The company tracks over 2 billion shoppers annually and its solutions are installed in more than 40 countries.

For more information, contact us on +852-2851-3180 and speak with Michael MacMillan or Mac Chan or visit vizualize.net. [Source]

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