Custom Build Designs of Metered Rack Mount Power Strips and PDUs

Metered Rack Mount Power Strips by Spectrum Power Management Systems - Spectrum Power Management Systems announces the launch of a Metered Rack Mount Power Strip and PDU line aimed to protect critical equipment against overload conditions. New website technologies make designing a custom solution easier than ever.

Spectrum Power Management Systems (SPMS), a division of Spectrum Control Inc., and leading manufacturer of rack mount power strips, power distribution units, and circuit protection systems, has announced the launch of a metered power distribution unit (PDU) and power strip line - to be available immediately.

Metered Rack Mount Power Strips and PDUs

The metered PDU line is a sophisticated addition to the SPMS line-up and promises to offer the same advantage and reliability Spectrum Power Management Systems' products have been known to provide in the past. The metered line, additionally, encompasses a number of product variants and custom configurable options. Users have the opportunity to define single or three phase power designs, voltage range, outlet type, and a host of additional options targeted toward user specific requirements.

Voltage ranges include 120 VAC, 208 VAC, 120/208 VAC WYE, and 208 VAC DELTA, up to 60 Amps/Phase with numerous other items available to choose from. These reliable PDUs feature rugged life-long construction and provide maximum durability.

The bright meter display provides accurate measurements of voltage, amperage, active power (watts), and power factor. The easy-to-read screen is viewable from as far as 15 feet, and unlike conventional products, the SPMS meter displays the true-rms voltage and current values.

The advantage of using an SPMS metered Power Strip/ PDU lies within its intelligent display capabilities. The user can easily compare the measured value against the maximum limit of the PDU to determine whether additional equipment can be safely added. This reduces the chance of an overload condition resulting in undesirable downtime.

To make the PDU design and selection process as effortless as possible, SPMS has also unveiled a unique Custom Rack Mount Design Tool which allows clients to easily input their desired parameters and submit an exclusive design request in real time. The tool was set in place to enhance the design experience, and walk clients through each step of development with instructive language and visuals.

To learn more about Spectrum Power Management Systems' full line of Metered PDU and Power Strip products or to submit a custom design request, visit: Spectrum Power Management Systems and browse Metered Rack Mount Power Strips. SPMS also employs a knowledgeable force of customer service liaisons and engineering specialists ready to help serve you! Visit us now to learn more. [Source]

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