Disable iPhone Location Tracking with iPhone 4 Jailbreak Software

iPhone Unlocking Solutions Announces iPhone 3G, 3GS, and 4 Jailbreak Software To Disable iPhone Location Tracking, and Protect User Privacy - Since announcing the privacy app iPhone Unlocking Solutions has seen their sales quadruple in the last few weeks.

The ability of an iPhone user’s whereabouts to be viewed by a third-party has surprised many iPhone users, with no real solution – until now. iPhone Unlocking Solutions has come up with a downloadable software that encrypts this file, while still allowing Geo-Location services to work.

iPhone Unlocking Solutions

The Apple iPhone’s recent location based applications have opened eyes to the benefits of Geographical Location Data (GLD). This new technology can deliver information and content based on the location of of the user. This is obviously a great and innovative step, but when an iPhone user’s location information is available to prying eyes, the excitement of the technology becomes mute. The Location based information that the iPhone heavily relies upon has been a hot topic lately after the discovery of a loophole by two British men.

Ever since the introduction of iPhone iOS 4, Apple has been collecting location specific information including latitude, longitude, and timestamp information. In order to use geo location based apps, an iPhone user would need the Location Services enbabled. All the location information is then stored in a standard SQL database format in a file called as “consolidated.db” in the User Data Partition area. This file is unencrypted and anyone who accesses this file can see the same information that any geographically based iPhone app uses.

Until now, the only way to protect an iPhone user’s privacy was to disable the iPhones Location Services. With the release of this new software, Unlock-the-iPhone.com enables an iPhone user to have this file constantly cleared, while encrypting a backup copy to be used if necessary. This peace-of-mind has gone over well with recent customers of the iPhone Unlocking Website. Recent customer Jenna Totin was quoted as saying “it sounds cheesy, but I can honestly say that I sleep better knowing my iPhone information is really protected!”

Unlock-the-iPhone has over 2 million customers in the 4 years they have been operating. This privacy software is happily available to all previous customers. Since announcing the privacy app, iPhone Unlocking Solutions has seen their sales quadruple in the last few weeks. Members of Unlock the iPhone can get this feature to stop collecting location based information when they jailbreak or unlock their iPhone with the patented MAC and WINDOWS software provided. [Source]

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