Doomsday Predictions and Disaster Shelters are in High Demand

State-of-the-Art Disaster Shelters in High Demand as Doomsday Predictions are Heightened - Recent catastrophic disasters and chaos in the Middle East have sparked fear around the world creating a renewed interest in modern shelters. Green Eye Technology provides luxury military-grade structures which can withstand the strongest storms as well as nuclear, biological or chemical disaster.

The world is abuzz with fear that the end may be close. If recent headlines are any indication of what’s to come, those fears might be valid. With catastrophic events such as massive earthquakes, tsunamis and nuclear disasters in Japan and wars blanketing the Middle East, is a recent cover of Newsweek, “Apocalypse Now”, prophesying the truth?

Dome Disaster shelter by Green Eye Technology

A 2010 government study led by President Obama’s National Security Staff, outlines new recommendations for the best way to survive a cataclysmic event, especially a nuclear disaster. Their advice… resist the urge to flee and seek an indoor or underground shelter. The last thing people should do, the report says, is try to evacuate. For this reason, Green Eye Technology, the largest provider of state-of-the-art underground shelters, has been busier than ever. “We are getting more calls every day from people who are terrified the end of the world is upon us and want to know if there’s something they can do to survive,” says Green Eye owner George Welhaf. “While we can’t predict the future,” Welhaf concedes, “we can protect people so they feel more in control of their future.”

In the wake of recent disasters, Green Eye has seen a rise in sales of their luxury shelters which can accommodate small families or groups as large as 2,500. The military-grade structures are made of impenetrable fiberglass, and are made to feel much more like a nice home than the fallout shelters from the 1950’s and 60’s. More importantly, they can withstand the strongest storms, nuclear disasters, and radiation as well as chemical and biological warfare. Large amounts of space for food and water, and an advanced air filtration system, allow people to live comfortably “off the grid” for five years or more.

In addition to individuals, Green Eye is also working with governments around the globe interested in establishing emergency operations centers and secure locations for their computer servers and important documents that might be particularly vulnerable during a disaster.

Green Eye Technology is the leading distributor for natural disaster shelters worldwide.
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