Outdoor All-Weather-Proof Flat-screen HDTVs from SkyVue

Skyvue Unveils its Line of Weather Proof HD Outdoor Televisions - SkyVue, a young South Carolina based company, releases its line of Weatherproof LED Outdoor Televisions for purchase online. The company uses innovative design and state-of-the-art technologies, and guarantees to "revolutionize the outdoor media viewing experience."

A recent venture has debuted its line of weatherproof, high definition outdoor televisions. The South Carolina based company says its new line of products promise to revolutionize the outdoor media viewing experience.

SkyVue Weatherproof LED Outdoor HD Television

The product line features an array of LED flat-panel televisions built to withstand the wear and tear electronics face from outdoor elements, while maintaining the integrity of the entertainment and viewing experience. Televisions are available in 32-, 40-, 46-, and 52-inch models, each highlighted by SkyVue's breakthrough engineering, modernized safety features, an above-average industry warranty.

The new outdoor television line is available exclusively through the manufacture. SkyVue aims to ensure low cost while maintaining high quality and exceptional customer service to its customers. “Selling factory-direct supports and is consistent with our mission of delivering the best product at the best value to our customers,” says CEO and SkyVue Founder Craig Sloan.

The company boasts many uses of their outdoor televisions where once unheard of in the marketplace, including use on watercraft, bar and restaurant patios, spas, store entrances and office spaces, and in outdoor residential spaces. "SkyVue televisions provide the ultimate outdoor viewing experience, whether it’s watching the game, practicing yoga under the heavens, duking it out in Wii boxing or simply providing a background of music or family photos" says skyvue.com.

The construction of the televisions is featured on the website. SkyVue HDTVs are protected by a resin housing to guard against rainfall, moisture, and humidity, as well as sunlight, heat, and cold. Additional cooling and heating components are built in to each model for additional protection against deterioration due to temperature. An added safety is addressed through the introduction of incorporated ground fault electric shock protection, an exclusive feature in the outdoor television industry.

The SkyVue product uses LED screens in there weatherproof televisions, another first in a marketplace. The LED screen ensures longer life and more efficient energy usage. Using LED technology, combined with SkyVue's Anti-reflective glass and ambient light sensors, creates a better suited picture in varied and extreme lighting conditions.

Other state-of-the-art features include the 60 watt "Big Sound" bars to address audio issues often experienced in outdoor media, and waterproof floatable remote controls to equally withstand the aliments of nature. SkyVue carries a full line of standard accessories in addition.

Owner Craig Sloan is a seasoned and successful businessman and entrepreneur in international business and manufacturing. His former venture, The GSI Group, became a successful manufacturer and distributor of agricultural equipment. Sloan sold his holdings in GSI in 2005.

SkyVue manufactures and distributes its new product line from its Rock Hill headquarters in upstate South Carolina. Products are available for purchase by phone or through the website at skyvue.com. [Source]

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