Panoramic Cutting Edge 360-Degree Video Capture Technology to Masses

Panoramic Video Leader Kogeto Announces Strategic Alliance with EyeSee360 - Panoramic video innovators Kogeto and EyeSee360 join forces to bring cutting edge 360-degree video capture technology to the masses.

Kogeto, LLC, manufacturer of the world’s most advanced panoramic video cameras, is pleased to announce the establishment of a strategic alliance with EyeSee360, Inc., located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This alliance will offer both companies’ customers the unique combination of Kogeto’s hardware expertise and EyeSee360’s unparalleled excellence in panoramic software technologies.

The two companies will collaborate to develop best-in-class panoramic capture devices, with Kogeto manufacturing hardware while EyeSee360 provides software. The two companies will collaborate on all future product development.

“We’ve long admired EyeSee360’s panoramic engineering expertise,” said Jeff Glasse, Kogeto’s CEO. “We believe the combination of Kogeto’s demonstrated proficiency in product development plus EyeSee360’s unparalleled panoramic technology portfolio will allow us to bring panoramic capture to the desktop in a way that will redefine video acquisition and playback.”

Kogeto has also partnered with Teachscape (, a leading company in the education market, to develop Teachscape Reflect, the first solution to combine 360-degree video capture hardware and online software to provide teachers with a panoramic view of their classroom that helps them reflect on their teaching, share instructional practices, and receive timely coaching support.

About Kogeto. Founded in 2010, Kogeto, LLC designs and manufactures Lucy, the world’s most advanced panoramic video camera. Kogeto’s Lucy technology provides a cost-effective, straightforward solution for panoramic capture together with a second, high definition video stream, as well as twin wireless audio microphones, all for a fraction of of the cost of a traditional panoramic capture solution. Additional information can be found at

About EyeSee360. Founded in 1998, EyeSee360, Inc. is the technology leader in single-shot panoramic imaging for both still and video photography. EyeSee360 has applied decades of research in robotic vision, image rendering, and software interface expertise to the challenge of creating interactive panoramic still images and videos. EyeSee360 has been issued 7 U.S. Patents for unique panoramic technologies, and continues to invent new technologies to drive forward the state of the art in panoramic imaging. EyeSee360 is headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA. Additional information can be found at [Source]

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