Transparent iPad Folio that Protects and Shows Off your iPad

LapWorks Announces The Crystal iPad Folio – The First Completely Transparent iPad Folio That Protects and Shows Off Your iPad - Most of the protective carrying solutions for the iPad have been in the form of leather cases or neoprene sleeves – both of which obscure the iPad and hide it from sight. Now there is an intelligent solution that completely encases the iPad protecting it from the bumps and bruises of every day life while allowing the iPad’s sleek and streamlined features to show through handsomely.

Transparent Crystal iPad Folio

Since its launch in April, 2010, Innovators and Early Adopters have been rushing to possess the latest and greatest invention since sliced bread - the Apple iPad Tablet computer. With its sleek lines and super thin profile, iPad enthusiasts have been racing to own this wonder of technology, styling and personal computing.

And what’s the first thing iPad owners do to protect their new baby? They shove it . . . . into a dark and dreary leather folio or equally dark neoprene sleeve. What sense does it make to hide this shiny new marvel of innovation inside a folio or case that hides it from view? Fear not - there is new hope on the horizon. iPad owners can now flaunt their iPads with the Crystal iPad Folio.

The Crystal iPad Folio is literally two completely transparent hard-shell cases that have been hinged together to open and close like a book. The result is an ingenious new type of crystal clear folio that protects the iPad and allows it to be viewed from every direction. If that’s all there was to the Crystal iPad Folio that alone would put it leaps and bounds ahead of its competition. But unique new features increase its usefulness and functionality making this product a stand-alone marvel of ingenuity.

Feature #1 – The joining hinges rotate 360˚ on a stainless steel hinge pin allowing the top panel to rotate completely around 180˚ to become the support arm that positions the iPad’s screen for hands-free landscape or portrait viewing.

Feature #2 – The top panel can go from support arm mode to folding completely flat against the bottom panel allowing complete access to the touch screen for tabletop or one-handed operation.

Additional features include no-slip silicone bumpers on both crystal clear panels protecting them from scuffs and scratching. Cut-outs along the edges of the Crystal iPad Folio allow easy access to all controls and ports.

Holding the naked iPad during one-handed operation does not provide the most secure grip for the iPad user. The Crystal iPad Folio’s thicker hinges makes for a safer and more secure gripping handle especially because the hinges have a rubberized coating that improve the grip.

For added strength, this completely encasing transparent folio is made of shatterproof Polycarbonate plastic, the same material used to make bullet-proof glass. It is guaranteed to protect the iPad better than any of the other iPad case or sleeve on the market today.

No longer do iPad owners have to store their shiny new iPads inside dark folios or cases that hides it from view. Many iPad owners bought their iPad in part because of its sleek and streamlined appearance. With the Crystal iPad Folio, iPad owners can finally show-off their sexy new device with pride and protect their investment as well.

“We pride ourselves on consistently being one of the first accessories marketers to bring leading edge products to our customers,” said José Calero, Founder and Chief Product Architect of Lap Works, Inc. “It is this ability to perceive our customer’s need for quality products and to react quickly that has made us the best source for these accessories. We believe the Crystal iPad Folio is a leap ahead of the market and will become a much sought-after iPad accessory.” [Source]

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