New Ultra-thin Ultra-portable Bluetooth Accessories for Tablets

ID8 Mobile Unveils New Ultra-thin, Ultra-portable Bluetooth Accessories for Tablets - Significantly Enhance the Tablet Experience with the MoGo Talk and MoGo Mouse Accessories

ID8 Mobile, an emerging provider of smart accessories for mobile connected devices, today introduced two new products in its MoGo family of tablet accessories - the MoGo Talk HD1 and MoGo Mouse TM1. The MoGo Talk HD1 is the world’s thinnest Bluetooth headset that docks into a business card sized protective charging case.

Ultra-thin Ultra-portable Bluetooth Accessories MoGo Mouse and MoGo Talk

The MoGo Mouse TM1 is the world’s thinnest Bluetooth mouse built for ergonomic comfort and productivity on the go. The MoGo Talk HD1 and the MoGo Mouse TM1 are the first products to be launched from the new MoGo product family, the first full suite of Bluetooth peripherals for tablets.

“ID8 Mobile is focused on optimizing the way users interact with their tablets,” said Stuart Nixdorff, CEO of ID8-Mobile. “The MoGo Talk HD1 and MoGo Mouse TM1 are unique accessories that enhance the tablet experience and allow for mobility without compromise. We make the only ultra-thin tablet accessories capable of fitting into the business card pocket inside your tablet case - you barely know they are there. ”

With great pointing accuracy and solid tactile response, the MoGo Mouse TM1 turns a tablet into an incredible data input device, which helps maximize productivity.

MoGo Mouse TM1 Features:

* Ultra-thin form factor (7mm thick)
* Simple Bluetooth pairing
* Charges through a micro USB port
* Three-button control with tactile feel
* Extended battery life of up to 8 hours
* Compatible with Windows 7 and Android OS
* 1 year warranty
* MSRP $59.99

Built for executives on the go, the MoGo Talk HD1 is an elegant headset and protective charging case that delivers high definition quality sound with state of the art headset features.

MoGo Talk HD1 Features:

* Ultra-thin form factor headset (5mm thick) with protective charging case (8mm thick)
* Superior comfort and fit
* High definition sound with speech enhancement and noise cancellation
* Voice Prompts
* A2DP Audio Streaming
* Simultaneously pairs with a smartphone and tablet
* Up to 15 hours of available talk time
* Compatible with iOS, Android, Web OS, Windows 7 and QNX
* 1 year warranty
* MSRP $99.99

About ID8-Mobile
Founded in 2010, ID8 Mobile is an emerging provider of smart accessories for mobile connected devices, creating better ways for users to interact with their notebooks, smartphones and tablets. ID8 Mobile prides itself on eliminating human-device interaction pain points for consumer and enterprise users and leveraging great design to create unique accessories solutions for improved mobile device usability. ID8 Mobile’s MoGo brand of accessories includes the MoGo Mouse and the MoGo Talk product lines. The MoGo Talk XD for iPhone 4 has been nominated the best of CES in 2011 and is the world’s thinnest Bluetooth headset that stores and charges on your smartphone. The award winning MoGo mouse is an ultra-portable Bluetooth enabled mouse that stores and charges in a PC card slot. [Source]

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