USA-Made Universal Tablet Stand for iPad Tablets or eReader - Lap Log

Bamboosa Introduces Eco-Friendly, USA-Made Stand for iPads - South Carolina company signs exclusive manufacturing and distribution agreement for the "Lap Log" - a revolutionary new iPad, Tablet, or eReader stand.

Bamboosa, a well-known U.S. manufacturer of unique consumer products, has acquired the exclusive rights to manufacture and distribute a new product designed to make the everyday use of iPads® and similar devices a more comfortable experience. The Lap Log© tablet holder is already in production at Bamboosa’s Andrews, S.C facility and will be distributed worldwide.

Lap Log Stand for iPads

The Lap Log is one of the most universal tablet holders on the market. The cylindrical shape of the stand differentiates it from similar products in that it allows the user to adjust the angle of the iPad, tablet or eReader for better viewing without changing their body position. The wooden insert accommodates most tablet and eReader devices and works equally as well in either portrait or landscape mode. Furthermore, the “bean bag” design provides for a stable platform on almost any surface.

“More that 50 million tablets and eReader devices were sold through December 2011,” said Mindy Saintsing, Partner at Bamboosa. “Now consumers are looking for a more comfortable way to use them without holding them or propping them on their laps or knees. We think this product delivers on that promise better than any other we have seen.”

Continuing Bamboosa’s commitment to providing products that are eco-friendly and made in the USA, the Lap Log is made of sustainable materials, including certified organic 100% cotton twill and naturally grown buckwheat hulls. A removable wooden insert that holds the tablet is crafted from locally-obtained, repurposed wood and is hand-sanded and stained with a natural, non-toxic finish. Bamboosa also offers a variety of interchangeable printed sleeves to accessorize your Lap Log.

Washable – If you happen to get a little dirt on your Lap Log when you're at the park, simply remove the wooden insert, dump the natural buckwheat filling into a container, and put your Lap Log into the wash.

Flexible – The durable bean bag design lets you view any tablet or eReader at almost limitless viewing angles, and the buckwheat hulls allow your Lap Log to conform to any surface. Remove the wooden insert, and your Lap Log can be used as a comfy travel pillow!

Versatile – Use your Lap Log in bed, on the couch, sitting at your desk or on the kitchen counter. No straps, Velcro, or clips, and it easily adjusts to eliminate glare.

Travel Ready – The Lap Log weighs a little more than a pound, so you’ll be able to take yours anywhere. It's light enough to throw in your carry-on, and has the added bonus of doubling as a neck pillow! Going outdoors? Toss it in your backpack and have a convenient and stable stand for your device at the beach or on the trail. [Source]

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