New Retractable Bluetooth Headset at CES 2012 in Las Vegas - Azeca

Azeca Introduces the World's First Retractable Bluetooth Headset With Vibration - At the 2012 Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas, January 10-13, Azeca debuts its Retractable Bluetooth Headset with Vibration. This new Bluetooth device singlehandedly eliminates ear fatigue and revolutionizes Bluetooth headset design.

Azeca is launching its new Retractable Bluetooth Headset at CES 2012. This first-of-its-kind, clip-on Bluetooth headset with retractable ear bud that allows users to answer or make calls with one quick touch of a button, now includes vibration.

Azeca Retractable Bluetooth Headset

The chic, sleek design of the Azeca Retractable Bluetooth Headset allows the user to simply inserts the ear bud into the ear when answering a call, preventing ear fatigue and the awkward ear attachment that accompanies most Bluetooth headsets. The built-in mic, easy-to-reach controls and voice calling features allow for easy dial-out. Best of all, the headset includes a vibration feature, which can be operated in quiet mode — an ideal solution for users who want to be inconspicuous, yet never miss an important call.

The Retractable Bluetooth Headset with Vibration won the CES Innovations 2012 Design and Engineering Award in November 2011. It’s the latest game-changing creation for the Atlanta-based company, which has been a pioneer in differentiated innovation since its inception in 2010. Azeca’s primary objective is bringing practical, easy-to-use and aesthetically appealing designs to the consumer electronics market. To that end, much of the company’s product development focuses on wireless stereo listening and hands-free communication.
The company is actively pursuing new concepts and creating unique applications to enhance existing Bluetooth® categories in areas of fitness, stereo listening, and hands-free communication. [Video Demo][Source]

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