CES 2012 Televisions Preview - CEAG

CEAG CES TVs Preview 2012 - OLED TVs, Huge LED Televisions, Sony, LG, Sharp, WSJ Article Response - Robert Wiley from CEAG responds to a Wall Street Journal article about Thinner/Lighter TVs increasing manufacturers profits

Editors from CEAG have come out with several predictions and many facts regarding what will be shown in the CES 2012 Televisions category next week. The company has many articles associated with announcements that have already been made and has individual write ups on each manufacturer and what they are expected to offer.

CES 2012 Televisions Preview - CEAG

In one article Robert Wiley expands on an piece written by the Wall Street Journal about future profits in the Television industry. While a good question, Wiley contends in the article that new thinner, lighter more expensive televisions of the future may not hold the key to increased price acceptance and profits due to several factors. See the article on OLED Televisions here.

The articles titles speak to the content of what each is covering. Here are examples of other CES 2012 Preview articles:

LG 84" 3D UD TV Largest in Market so Far for 2012 CES. Editors note the new UD (ultra definition resolution standard)

LG CES Preview 2012 | LG OLED TV largest ever at 55". Phil Conner goes in depth about the reduced cost of this TV which will supposedly ship in 2012.

Sony HX LED TVs focus on Full Array Local Dimming in high end HX929 Series, Will likely continue in 2012. Editors note Sony's picture quality focus for 2012.

LG extends Magic Wand remote, features Voice Recognition for 2012 in CINEMA 3D TVs. Editors review the ultra cool Magic Remote from LG.

CES 2012 Preview: Will Sony Blow us away with an OLED TV offering? Sony has announced that the company will introduce a game changer. LCDTVBuyingguide.com editors extrapolate on what technology it include.

Will Samsung show off its first Glasses Free 3D TV at CES 2012?

Toshiba 3D TV 2012 still pushing the Glasses Free 3D envelope.

Sharp Continues to Dominate and Focus on Huge LED Televisions 80” LED a Precursor [Source]

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