iPhone 4S Screen Protector with Invisible Keyboard - Touch My Keys

New Miami Based Company Reinvents the Screen Protector, Doubles as an Invisible Keyboard for the iPhone 4S - Touch My Keys is a screen protector for the iPhone 4S that doubles as a transparent keyboard, allowing users to feel real buttons. It’s the perfect solution for anyone who misses the feel of a real keyboard on their iPhone 4S without any bulky add-ons.

Textaholic? This new screen protector promises less typos and more typing. To inventor, Ruddy Ugarte, it seemed that the only thing wrong with the iPhone since its debut was the lack of an actual keyboard.

iPhone 4S Screen Protector with Invisible Keyboard - Touch My Keys

Mr. Ugarte has always been passionate about the iPhone but nevertheless continues to have typos, sending at times embarrassing typo filled messages.

”Its both, the lack of a physical keyboard and that God forsaken autocorrect that at times causes those embarrassing or awkward text messages.” says, Mr. Ugarte

Recognizing this, Mr. Ugarte teamed up with his business partner, Joaquin A. to create a screen protector that doubles as a keyboard in a sleek transparent manner.

Touch My Keys is a lightweight screen protector with precision laser cuts of the iPhone's QWERTY keyboard allowing users to feel real buttons, like keys on a keyboard. This innovative screen protector was officially launched mid-December, and is now available for purchase at touchmykeys.com.

Unlike many other plug-in keyboards or inconvenient add-ons. It doesn’t take away from the look and feel of the iPhone and it doesn’t interfere with using apps or watching videos.

“This is a great time to introduce this screen protector for the iPhone 4S including all other major smart phones from LG, Motorla, HTC and Samsung” adds, Mr. Ugarte. [Source]

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