Swakker Announces Release of Swakker Shuttle

Swakker Announces Release of Swakker Shuttle - Celebrate the last shuttle launch on June 28th with Swakker Shuttle.

The last shuttle launch will take place on June 28th and what better way to celebrate than to send friends and loved ones personal, fun messages written in space using Swakker Shuttle.

Swakker Shuttle

Watch the Shuttle take off from earth and into space as it draws personalized messages and patterns. It's a fun and easy way to celebrate the final shuttle launch.

Swakker Shuttle will also enable full motion messaging to people who can view the entire experience on any device. Friends and loved ones will watch on their mobile phone or computer while the Shuttle draws a custom design.

Swakker Shuttle comes with four space backgrounds and five space-themed songs. Choose from a selection of Shuttle phrases and patterns or create your own custom message.

Swakker Shuttle let's the user go to infinity and beyond with their personalized messages!

•Share full motion messages with friends on any device by email, MMS and Facebook
•Send snapshots to the Swakker Gallery
•4 space backgrounds
•Use your own photos as backgrounds
•12 smoke colors
•6 Shuttle colors
•5 songs
•Control space weather with asteroids and shooting stars
•Access your iPod music and iTunes songs
•3D navigation

•Shuttle selection of phrases and patterns [Source]

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