Record, Store and Review any Phone Call with eVoice®

eVoice® Makes it Easy to Record Phone Calls - New Call Recording feature lets you capture, play, review and reference business or personal telephone calls.

eVoice®, a "Radically Better Phone Number" and brand of technology leader j2 Global Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: JCOM), today announced Call Recording for eVoice® customers who have the need to record and replay business or personal telephone calls. Phone-centric professionals can now benefit from having the ability to record, store and review any call made from their personal, business, or mobile phone using an eVoice virtual phone number. eVoice is online at

“Call Recording is yet another reason why small business owners are choosing eVoice as their virtual phone system,” said Mike Pugh, vice president, marketing of j2 Global. “This new feature — along with a toll-free phone number, a professionally recorded greeting, customized menus, and call routing — makes it easier to turn phone calls into satisfied customers and increased sales.”

To use Call Recording, simply press “star 2” on the telephone keypad. A pre-recorded prompt inform callers that the call is being recorded. The conversation is then captured and saved as an mp3 or .wav file for easy reference at a later time.

Document Conversations with eVoice Call Recording
eVoice Call Recording is the perfect tool for doctors, lawyers, real estate brokers, contractors, travel agents, and other professionals looking to record contractual conversations. Scroll forward, back and pause when reviewing calls by using the eVoice media player. Call Recording is offered at $5.95 per month and includes unlimited recordings.

eVoice Call Recording Benefits

Monitor customer service calls for quality
Confirm telephone orders for accuracy
Document the details of contract and business discussions conducted over the telephone
Downloads recorded calls to your computer and store alongside related digital documents and files

New eVoice subscribers can start using Call Recording right away by signing up for a free six-month trial account at Current eVoice subscribers will find Call Recording information on their “My Account” page.

With a six-month free trial offer and a new guided tour video that demonstrates simple step-by-step setup, eVoice makes it easier than ever for individuals, entrepreneurs and small businesses to use eVoice to be more professional, efficient and mobile.

Visit the eVoice® blog at

j2 Global provides cloud services for business in six categories: eFax (online fax); eVoice (virtual voice services); FuseMail® (email); Campaigner® (email marketing); KeepItSafe™ (online backup); and Onebox® (unified communications). For more information on j2 Global’s cloud services brands, visit: [eVoice® Video] [Source]

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