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Volo Products Expands Line of High Value, High Speed HDMI Cables - High Speed HDMI cables deliver top performance and durability at a fraction of the price of other premium cables

Volo® Products, a provider of premium consumer electronic accessories at value prices, has introduced a new line of High Speed HDMI® cables to meet the needs of today’s value-minded consumer. Volo’s new HDMI cables—Universal, Pro and LX Gamer Series, are ideal for consumers that demand speed, durability and quality but don’t want to pay the high prices of most big premium brand providers.

Volo’s Universal Series line of High Speed HDMI cables is the company’s best-selling product with a proven record of over 500,000 units sold at retail. The updated Universal line is industry certified Category 2 High Speed HDMI® and is offered in new sustainable and environmentally-friendly packaging.

Volo also introduces two new premium lines specifically for the HD media enthusiast; the Pro Series and LX Gamer Cables, both certified Category 2 High Speed HDMI with Ethernet®. Volo also introduces new combo packs of Universal and Pro Series cables for increased value to the consumer.

With prices starting at $19.99, Volo Pro Series cables deliver the greatest value High Speed HDMI with Ethernet cable on the market when compared to other premium brands.

“There’s been ridiculous price inflation by some consumer electronics accessories providers in an effort to over indulge in profits and we don’t agree with that approach, especially in the current economic climate,” said Andy Swanson, senior vice president of Marketing of Volo Products.

“We believe consumers deserve high quality products at competitive prices. Volo’s extensive line of HDMI cables deliver unbeatable value for the price-conscious buyer who demands quality, performance and durability.”

Volo’s line of High Speed HDMI cables include:

Universal Series - Designed for the value-minded consumer, this line of High Speed HDMI cables delivers performance and durability in affordable packages and is ideal for connecting gaming consoles, DVD and Blu-ray players, A/V receivers, and cable and satellite boxes to HD TVs. Available in 4’, 7’, 12’, 15’ and 25’ lengths, these cables support surround sound and video resolutions of 1080p and beyond, including advanced display technologies like 3D and 4K. Suggested MSRP US $12.99 - $49.99.

Pro Series – Designed for the HD media enthusiast who is always on the cutting edge of new technology, the Pro Series HDMI with Ethernet supports 3D and Audio Return Channel, delivering digital data at speeds greater than 10.2 Gbps and refresh rates of 240 Hz. Pro Series cables support 1080i/p and ultra-high resolutions like 4K and are available in 7’and 15’ lengths. Suggested MSRP US $19.99 - $29.99.

LX Gamer – Designed specifically for the gamer and built with the toughest materials to meet the expectations of even the most hard core gamer, the LX Gamer has all the specifications and features as the Pro Series and comes in a 10’ length that is ideal for gameplay configurations. Suggested MSRP US $24.99.

Additionally, Volo also introduced two combo value packs, including:

HD Triple Play - Set of three 6’ Universal Series High Speed Cables. Suggested MSRP US $29.99.
3D Triple Play – Set of three 6’ Pro Series High Speed with Ethernet Cables. Suggested MSRP US $39.99.

In addition to creating great products, Volo is dedicated to reducing harmful effects on the environment during the manufacturing, packaging and shipping of products. Volo products are available with Natralock packaging technology, which reduces the amount of plastic used by more than 50%, and the plastic we use is 100% recycled PET. Natralock uses less energy to seal and is lighter in shipping weight, resulting in more efficient transportation.

Volo Products are tested against rigorous manufacturing standards to assure quality and durability of materials and are backed by a Volo Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Volo’s HDMI cables are available for purchase direct through the company website at voloproducts.com and sold at retail at Amazon.com and FRY’s Home Electronics as well as many other consumer electronics retailers. [Source]

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