New Multimedia iOS App Snakes from Encyclopaedia Britannica Kids

Deadly Snakes Rendered Harmless (And Fun!) in New Education App -- Latest iOS App from Encyclopaedia Britannica is a Garden of Reptilian Delights - Kids can now get up close and personal with venomous cobras, deadly boa constrictors and poisonous adders, and it’s all perfectly safe.

Snakes, a new multimedia app from Encyclopaedia Britannica Kids, makes it fun to learn about all those slithering animals, with games, puzzles, fact-packed articles and beautiful multimedia. The new mobile download for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is aligned with the school curriculum and designed for ages 8-12, though even the youngest and most ophidiophobic kids can enjoy it.

Snakes, a new multimedia app from Encyclopaedia Britannica Kids

The range of features, which makes Snakes like several apps in one, includes:

interactive games, including a photographic memory-match, virtual jigsaw puzzles, photo “brush-offs,” and magic-square puzzles;
videos and stunning photography;
reliable, factual articles on snakes, where and how they live, how they evolved, their sometimes deadly characteristics, and how on earth they move without arms or legs;
interactive maps showing the natural habitats of different kinds of snakes worldwide;
quizzes that let kids test themselves on what they’ve learned.

“These beautiful reptiles captivate kids when they see them at the zoo, learn about them in school or encounter them in the woods. This app will fill in the facts and details about snakes in a way that’s both educational and fun,” said John Russell, who heads the development of Britannica’s mobile apps. “It’s perfect for home, the classroom and to keep kids happy and engaged wherever they may go with their families.”

Snakes is the latest addition to the Britannica Kids series of apps introduced last fall. Others include Dinosaurs, Solar System, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome, Rainforests, Volcanoes and Aztec Empire. The series gives children in the middle grades engaging new ways to learn using the digital devices they prefer. Working with its development partner, Concentric Sky, Britannica plans to introduce a new app on Knights and Castles later this spring.

Britannica Kids: Snakes is available for download for $4.99 US on Apple’s Apps Store.

About Encyclopaedia Britannica Kids
Encyclopaedia Britannica Kids publishes engaging, high-quality digital education products for students in elementary and middle school. They include Britannica Kids Online,, a research and homework portal, and a series of multimedia mobile apps on popular school topics ranging from the solar system to ancient Rome. Encyclopaedia Britannica Kids is a division of Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc., located in Chicago.

About Concentric Sky
Concentric Sky offers high-end web development and consulting services with a focus on emerging technologies such as Social Media and the iPhone. Founded in 2005, the company has rapidly become a leader in the space, recently signing an exclusive development partnership with social media pioneer Concentric Sky is based in Eugene, Oregon and consists of about 50 software engineers and technical professionals. For more information: [Source]

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