World’s Fastest Compact Flash Memory Card for DSLR Cameras

ATP Electronics Introduces World’s Fastest Compact Flash Memory Card - Pro Max CF 650X - ATP Pro Max CF 650X Memory Card is the Ultimate Choice for DSLR Cameras

ATP®, a leading flash memory manufacturer known for its high quality, durable flash and DRAM memory modules announced the release of its high performance ATP ProMax Compact Flash 650X memory card. The ATP ProMax Compact Flash 650X is available in 16G and 32G capacities and has a data transfer rate of 96 Mbytes/s (650X). The ATP ProMax CF 650X allows for faster efficient shooting, video recording and uploading and sharing of digital images, making it the ideal choice for professional photographers and enthusiasts who use digital single lens reflex (DSLR) cameras.

The ATP ProMax Compact Flash 650X utilizes advanced TurboMLC technology to boost the transfer speed of the CF card to 650X, making it the fastest on the market. TurboMLC technology offers significantly higher life expectancy than regular MLC NAND flash and performance is comparable to SLC NAND flash. Also, the multi-platform compatibility of the ProMax CF 650X makes it more convenient to use. The ProMax CF 650X requires low energy consumption and
is RoHS compliant, symbolizing ATP’s commitment to preserving and protecting the environment.

“Using the latest flash storage technology, ATP Electronics is continually committed to producing high quality compact flash memory cards that enhance the end user’s experience with speed, durability and storage capacity. The fast data transfer speed of the ProMax CF 650X makes it the superior performance choice for serious DSLR camera users,” said Michael Plaksin, ATP Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

The ATP ProMax Compact Flash 650X utilizes a sophisticated global wear-leveling algorithm for consistent long-life use. All ATP ProMax Compact Flash cards are comprehensively tested for compatibility, speed and reliability making the memory cards the definitive media storage choice for high-end DSLR cameras.


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