MemoTrek™ Metal USB Flash Drive - TubeFlash

Metal USB Flash Drive TubeFlash: Logo Branded USB Stick by MemoTrek™ - The full-metal TubeFlash USB drive is a well-designed and attractive tube-shaped USB flash drive that will shine on any key-chain.

Metal USB Flash Drive TubeFlash

TubeFlash USB flash drives come equipped with high-speed A-grade NAND flash memory in 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB capacity, these innovative metal USB TubeFlash drives are well-designed and a freshly brewed and branded designer USB flash drives are sold in wholesale batches by MemoTrek™ Technologies, leading B2B wholesale supplier of branded USB flash drives to cooperate customers worldwide.

MemoTrek™, the leading wholesale supplier of branded USB flash drives to cooperate customers worldwide, has recently launched a fresh design creation and an innovative new metal USB flash drive in tube form with the matching name the TubeFlash.

The TubeFlash metal USB flash drive comes equipped with high-speed A-grade NAND flash memory in 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB capacity.

A solid metal casing in the smoothly designed shape of a tube makes up the main body of the TubeFlash, a truly exquisite USB flash drive model winds tightly into the key-ring furbished
cap. Both cap and body stand up straight on any surface due to it's supporting surface, and by closing the TubeFlash by easily winding it's body into the the cap, one can safely connect this USB flash drive to a key-chain knowing that it will stay well attached.

Company logo, slogan, claim or corporate website URL can be printed on this sleek looking little fella and to brand it with a business message:

With a specious 25 x 8 mm available for branding of company logo and slogan, customers can make sure that their message is being constantly exposed to their receivers and clients. The practical usability of this promotional gift ensures that most customers will be exposed to the advertised brand in very important moments of their life.

Marketing departments will find this an effective tool for boosting reorders and drastically increase customer loyalty! And with an lasting effect:

All TubeFlash USB drives come equipped and furbished with A-grade original brand NAND flash memory of highest quality and with fast data throughout important data and the information stored a branded TubeFlash metal USB flash drives will be retained for up to 10 years.

Standing out as a real high-light from among the rich collection of MemoTrek™ promotional USB flash drives, which can all be customized and branded with a company logo or slogan, the TubeFlash is a solid metal USB flash drive that will help you to get your company get remembered for a long time.

And also, marketing departments can finally rest assured that all their efforts for increasing brand exposure will be received and constantly remembered in very important moments of the customers daily life.

It's easy to create lasting brand awareness, increase repeat orders and boost customer loyalty by using a custom TubeFlash USB drive.

The TubeFlash USB drives from MemoTrek™ are an ideal gift also for exhibitions, business promotion and networking activities or as a seasonal gift to employees, team members and other business peers that deserve your thanks and your best wishes for another fruitful year of cooperation.

Its coated silky-touch surface, the rounded shapes of the supporting foot, the key-ring functionality and the solid weight of this exclusively designed metal USB flash drive makes this a new classic among our large selection of branded USB flash drives and promotional USB marketing tool.

It gets even better! On all wholesale purchases batches of 500 units or more TubeFlash USB flash drives MemoTrek™ offers free custom PMS colors for every orders. Wholesale customers benefit from a custom TubeFlash USB drive matching their exact corporate PMS colors.

This helps to deliver a true brand experience matching corporate design guidelines design guidelines of the marketing departments and help successfully spreading the image of the brand by targeting customers and business peers and create a strong link and build the foundation for a long lasting and sustainable business relationship.

"TubeFlash USB drive is a high quality and functional computer accessory that certainly is going to be used frequently by your customers", said a MemTrek™ Technologies representative today.

Daily impressions and constant brand exposure to a receiver in an important work setting or in front of the family PC, is going to anchor a brand deeply into the mind of the receiver, who's going to use this well-designed and functional metal USB flash drive TubeFlash for many years to come. By becoming a part of your customers everyday life you'll create lasting customer loyalty and help to significantly increase your brand recognition and awareness.

"TubeFlash USB flash drive have a delivery time of 10 days for orders up to 5000 units, and a total monthly production output of up to 50.000 units during initial roll-out", as stated by a MemoTrek™ spokesperson.

MemoTrek™ Technologies has been building up reputation as a leading supply chain peer in B2B business of wholesale of branded USB flash drives since 2007. With regular corporate customers in more than 50 countries MemoTrek™ is the world's leading wholesale supplier of custom USB flash drives.

A professional team of efficient, friendly and experienced key-account managers that truly understand also the most demanding B2B needs.


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