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Upgrade your Apple Tablet to the Latest iPad with 128GB Internal Storage: The Apple Surprise: a 128GB iPad - CashforiPads Asks, Will an iPad With Expanded Storage Erase Apple’s Recent Slips?
Since bursting into the scene, 120 million iPads have been sold. With the Apple new product introduction cycle increased to twice from once a year and the company introducing a smaller 7-inch iPad, CashforiPads asks, will a regular-sized iPad with expanded storage be a hit in the market and continue Apple's dominance?

iPad 128GB Internal Storage

This year,Apple not only announced a new version of the iPad with 128GB of internal storage way earlier than expected, but released it on February 5, only four months after the 4th generation iPad was introduced. We at CashforiPads think the closest and most plausible explanation behind this unexpected move would be the rather lackluster performance of the latest Apple releases, particularly, the iPhone 5. A report on January 14 by Reuters claimed that Apple has been reducing its component orders for the iPhone 5 from Japanese suppliers because, because according to Japan's Nikkei, the demand for the smartphone have not been as robust as expected, causing the company's stock to plummet.

The big question now is whether this enhanced version will something the customers would like. So far, CashforiPads thinks the only downside to the iPad’s additional storage is the steeper price for the unit. The suggested retail price for this new version is $799 for Wi-Fi only and $929 for the Wi-Fi + Cellular model. This is expensive for most users who do not have the extra cash. Other than that, the 128GB iPad is flawless because it is basically an iPad 4 with expanded storage.

Then again, the seemingly hefty price tag of the iPad with 128GB storage should not be a problem for those who want to upgrade their current Apple tablet. Refurbishment sites like CashforiPads.com give top dollar for old gadgets. The proceeds of the quick and convenient transaction, plus just a few hundred dollars could easily be used to buy that pricey iPad with expanded storage.

On the other hand, according to Apple, people are finding more reasons to use their iPads for work, school, entertainment or play. IPads are light, fast to boot up, and easy to use. The best thing about tablet PCs is that they offer the mobility many people find important nowadays.

As for the expanded 128GB storage capacity, CashforiPads thinks this is definitely a great addition to the already powerful iPad. With this extra memory, users can store as many movies, photos, music files, and documents they want without worrying about the processing speed of the gadget. Those whose work entails a lot of graphics or music will really be happy with this new iPad.

This iPad should also benefit owners who do not have stable Internet connections. Nowadays, files that have to be accessed all the time are stored in cloud drives. This poses a huge problem for iPad owners who need to have access to their files in places with no stable Internet connection. However, with a 128GB iPad, there is no need to be overly reliant on cloud drives.

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