New Panasonic 2012 LED-LCD TV lineup with Review

LCD TV Buying Guide Announces New Panasonic 2012 LED-LCD TV lineup with Review, Specifications, and Commentary on Panasonic's Surprise entry into Passive 3D TV - Consumer Electronics Advisory Group's publishes all of the 2012 Plasma Television Models

LCD TV Buying Guide Editors Jack Burden and Robert Wiley thoroughly review the features and many of the qualities the new Panasonic LED TV Models 2012 for models that will be entering the HDTV market this year from March – June. The editors have published features reviews for new series such as the WT50, DT50, and the new Passive 3D models in the ET5 series for 2012. “Panasonic has developed some great TVs this year in both plasma and now more large LED TV sizes for 2012.

Panasonic WT50 and DT50 Panasonic LED TV design

They are the only manufacturer to hedge with both active and passive 3D in the LED TV arena.”stated editor Robert Wiley. “The other surprise was how many different models and series of LED Televisions the company is producing for 2012. This was a shock for us as we have always thought of Panasonic has the leader in plasma TVs.”

CEAG Editor Jack Burden reviewed the second from top of the line LED TV model in the Panasonic TC-L55DT50 Review with the following comments, “Prior to 2012 Panasonic kept larger sizes and top end features in their plasma line but they have introduced some high-tier larger LED TVs this year. The TC-L55DT50 is the second form the highest tier and contains most of the features of the WT50 though it lacks some of the social netowkring features and it has a different look.”

The company also reviewed the new Passive 3D TVs from Panasonic with the Panasonic TC-L47ET5 Review which states, “The TC-L47ET5 has the new Panasonic Easy 3D Technology which is a big surprise and departure from their previous all-active shutter 3D lineup. This will keep the costs and price of this model and series very competitive with LG active 3D models. Though the resolution is only half of that with the full HD 3D that Panasonic and other manufacturers produce, it nonetheless has a good enveloping 3D picture though not quite as deep and colorful as the active 3D plasma TVs from Panasonic. But we did not note any negative crosstalk or flickering issues and the very light glasses are super comfy.”

In the next tier down Wiley writes in the Panasonic TC-L42E5 Review that, “The E5 has a substantially improved picture over the previous year's LED models. It has better black levels and contrast and improved color performance for more realistic that colors that both show warmth and pop off the screen.”

Lastly, the editors comment from the Panasonic TC-L47E50 Review as follows, “The E50 series is the highest end, non-3D LED TV line from Panasonic for 2012. The TC-L47E50 has a 47" 120Hz, 1080p panel with 360 Back Light Scanning that emulates a higher Hz rate by manipulating the televisisions back light. For Smart TV online features the E50 has Viera Cast which is what Panasonic calls thier online features.” [Source]

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