Maya 2012 3D Modeling and Animation Tutorial Video Series

New Maya 2012 Tutorial Video Series Simplifies 3D Modeling and Animation. Available on DVD or via Digital Download - Infinite Skills has created a new 12-hour training course that helps users understand the basics of digital 3D creation with latest version of Autodesk Maya.

Maya 2012 3D Modeling and Animation Tutorial Video Series
A new Maya 2012 Tutorial Video released by training company Infinite Skills Inc promises to make learning 3D modeling and design easier than ever before. The course includes 86 separate tutorials on everything from polygon modeling essentials to rendering, keyframe animation and raytracing, offering lessons on a broad set of Autodesk Maya tools and skills.

“For years, Maya has been the gold standard when it comes to creating realistic 3D models and effects for television, film and even video games,” said Colin Boyd, sales director for Infinite Skills. “Now as the world of digital effects continues to grow, there’s never been a better time to learn Maya.”

The 12-hour video series is narrated by Lee Lanier, a professional animator and designer who has worked on numerous high profile animated shorts and feature films, including Shrek and Antz. He has also written three books on Maya and developed and taught college coursework in 3D modeling. In these Maya tutorial videos, Lanier uses his professional background to create lessons that are both easy to understand and applicable to real world projects.

The tutorial begins with basic concepts, aimed at beginning users who may not have used 3D software in the past. Maya interface controls, camera settings, and the hypergraph outliner come first, followed by hands-on guides to applying transformations and creating NURBS and Polygon models using Maya’s suite of tools. Once viewers understand basic object construction, the tutorials move on to rendering, lighting, and texturing to provide depth and dynamism to 3D creations. The Maya 2012 training series then moves through UV mapping, keyframe animation, batch rendering, bump mapping and more.

“Maya has its own way of doing things, and no matter what field you’re working in—animation, special effects, or 3D imaging—it’s critical to have a broad understanding of how the program works,” said Chris Johns, content development specialist for Infinite Skills. “Lee knows what it takes to do serious creative work, and he gives viewers all the skills they need to get started.”

The Maya 2012 Tutorial Video course is available to be ordered on DVD-ROM or downloaded in full quality directly from the Infinite Skills website. Both formats are compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems, like Maya itself. In addition to studio quality video and audio, the Maya training also features user-friendly playback settings. Viewers have complete control over the order in which lessons are presented, which Johns says makes the training an ideal platform for both first-time learning and later review.
The price of the Autodesk Maya 2012 training is $99.95 for all formats, and can be purchased from leading online retailers and direct from the Infinite Skills website, which ships worldwide:

About Infinite Skills Inc
Based in North America, Infinite Skills offers software training solutions for customers around the world. The company creates cost-effective video tutorials on the most popular programs used by leading designers, businesses and engineers, and delivers the training in accessible formats, from DVDs and downloads to the latest mobile devices. [Source]

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