Brite Buds - Reflective Cord Stereo Earphones - Far End Gear

Far End Gear Introduces the First Line of Reflective Earphones - Far End Gear announces the release of Brite Buds Reflective Cord Earbuds. The first line of earphones specifically designed for visibility in low light.

Far End Gear™, creator of earphones and accessories designed for outdoor enthusiasts, is first to market with a line of reflective cord earphones, developed for those who engage in nighttime activities such as jogging or cycling. Employing the same line-strengthening process used in creating parachute cord, Brite Buds™ Reflective Cord Earbuds weave water-resistant fibers with glass bead retro-reflective threading; resulting in increased cord strength and greater visibility at night. Brite Buds come in both a standard, stereo model and a single sided, stereo-to-mono version mixing both channels of sound from a stereo audio device into a single ear — enabling the wearer to maintain alertness in any environment.

Brite Buds - Reflective Cord Stereo Earphones - Far End Gear

Far End Gear Owner Kevin Goldstein stated, "Making yourself visible while exercising in low light conditions is important. Adding reflective accessories to your gear can help you stand out from the background."

Professional BMX rider Brian Kachinsky tested the Brite Buds single-sided earbud during the product’s development and remarked, "I always ride with only one earbud in. Not only does [this] sound better than listening to half of a stereo set, but the reflective cord is a nice touch. And it’s held up to some serious abuse."

Brite Buds are now available through the company website and in limited retail locations, along with other Far End Gear products:
BuDLoKs™ — earbud accessories that hold earbuds in place during activity, Short Buds™ — a short cord earbud designed for clip-on style music players when attached to a collar, hat, or helmet, and OneGood™ Earphones — the original line of single-sided stereo-to-mono earphones. [Demo Video] [Source]

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